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More than just a Holiday

EcoLifeWalks is not just an escape to the sun for a change of scene. It’s a delightful tour to places of outstanding beauty with the opportunity to make lasting changes to the outcome of life, in the way you would like it to be

You’re in Good Hands

Stuart Forster has studied personal development for decades and combines his knowledge of the local biosphere with listening, helping you choose your content, driving you to astonishing places while explaining emerging truth and the secrets of making your life become your heart’s desire! It’s a one-to-one basis (with a two-for-one offer) and you are totally taken care of.

A Turning Point in your Life

Coming on this holiday is your decision to take action on what is missing in your life and why you feel unhappy or unfulfilled. Thus it’s the perfect excuse for a holiday where the profound benefits endure beyond your sun tan! Making the choice to move forward while enjoying an uplifting and fun holiday is something you will not regret.

Open Mind

It really helps if you can suspend your disbelief, in realising powerful potential of this kind of holiday. Rather than automatically dismissing the profound benefits available to you, understand that your belief system controls what you become. It would be ironic to miss an opportunity for happy change by denying it is possible without exploring the experience. Healing of Belief is a key component of the chats we have while we enjoy places and activities.

It’s a Package, not including Flights or Accommodation

You can choose from the list of activities and life insight options, or decide what you do when you arrive, after an initial chat. Some items might appeal more, once you’re here. Inspired by the beauty of the place you may see things anew? Mix and combine different levels of content, depending how you feel. The greatest value is in the life insights with big lasting benefit. we can help you select your preferred accommodation and find flights.

Outstanding Places and Fun Things to Do

We walk in Places of Outstanding Beauty, taking in the astonishing Lanzarote volcanic ecology; a photography paradise! We visit outstanding Restaurants to suit all preferences, taste the local wines and chat at Coffee Vistas. You will see the Eco the Architecture Attractions of Cesar Manrique and walk or cycle on the beautiful desert island of La Graciosa with one of the best beaches in the world (Pictured above). Amongst other things, you can learn to surf, play tennis, meditate on a volcano, do yoga on a surfboard and include optional therapies or spa treatments. It’s all your choice.

Discussions on Becoming More Happy and Fulfilled

Listening Process and What’s going on for you
The Realisation that we do determine the outcome of our lives
Listening to Music with the Body & 432Hz Tuning
Connection with Nature, The Volcano Vortex Meditation
The Laws of the Universe and how to apply them
Discussion about Emerging Truth and How we have been deceived for thousands of years
How to put it into practice to bring about what we want
Particularly by the Healing of the Belief System
Optional Therapies, Kinesiology, Specialist Yoga
“Emotional Alignment”, specialist treatments, Radical Forgiveness
Access to 5th Dimensional Consciousness for all!
Discovering New Directions
even Making Business Plans, Writing an E-Book, Computer Techniques. If you like!

Right Now is Very Special

Human consciousness has the chance to move to the fifth dimension (5d) and beyond. The Schumann Resonance, the vibration of the planet that we usually align with, has increased significantly. There is massive exposure of the human deception and how we have been kept in financial slavery with our emotions depressed. All this is happening right now although, as usual, mainstream controlled media shows no coverage!

And Afterwards?

Take home a professional photo souvenir of your trip. You are welcome to follow up with Stuart on any issues arising after you get back.

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