Important Changes Coming to Light! Help make a Happy World NOW, from your heart.   Reflect peacefully tonight wherever you are with the Momentous World Meditation

We live in momentous times and we have the power, right now, to make the changes we dearly long for towards A Happy World NOW. This is not an empty promise.

Whether you realise it or not, humans are discovering that the power, of their inner feelings and intention, is an irresistible force in bringing about the removal of corruption and deception in our world. By now you should have no doubt certain factions have kidnapped the government of the planet and are holding the population in a form of virtual slavery. Yes we feel free to some extent, but ask yourself if there is room for improvement in your happiness, health, prosperity and fulfilment. If you think not then kindly return your head to the sand! You may see the progress we are talking about when next you extract!

Although the news of this progress is hidden by filtered news systems, through the internet and social media there is a groundswell of emerging truth and kindred connection. The beauty of this is that those with higher aspirations in their hearts have a power that the dark forces cannot resist. The current spate of world outrages and delay in financial reform is the last effort of the Cabal/ Illuminati/ Jesuits/ Military Industrial Complex, /Bankers, what you will, to stop the slide into massive disclosure, new abundance and free energy technologies.

We have a lot going for us

  • These higher aspirations, commonly called “the light” are much more powerful than the energy of the currently dominant “dark forces”.
  • We have assistance from other light beings that have vastly higher consciousness and powers.
  • The growing awareness of human participation in the light has mathematically synergistic results. It does not take a large amount of light to dispel the darkness and literally throw light on the situation.
  • The senior dark ones are of an ancient mind-set and don’t have the flexibility or intelligence to see that their time is up and the long predicted golden age is here and now.
  • They have tried to hide from us the power of our inner connection and over eons our DNA has been manipulated to operate on 2 strands only, although the templates of the original 12 still exist.
  • The solar system is currently passing through a stream of Gamma waves emanating from the centre of the galaxy, which amazingly is gradually reinstating and expanding our DNA potential. Those who have worked on cleansing their emotional bodies are feeling the discomfort of what it is like to raise consciousness to the 5th dimension while still living in the body. There will be help for those who wish to join this expansion which is the birth right of all.

Now is the time to stop being a silent victim and to hold the feelings of the joy we want in our body energy, rather than allowing the controlled negative mental activity get in the way.

There have been quantum leaps in the progress of expanding awareness, but we still need to get to the point where enough people act in concert with their hearts desires to help tip the balance in removing the financial deception and all the evil controls we have become aware of.

We are almost there; days, weeks or at most a small number of months away. The difference is made up by enough people taking up their power to do something about it by using heart energy in concert. It is going to happen anyway. Nearly everyone will be able to take part, so why wait. Do your part in tipping the scales sooner rather than later! There is plenty of help around. You will know someone who can assist you.

At the time of writing this on November 21st 2015, there was a global meditation  when the thousands acting in concert actually did make a profound difference.

By joining in, not only will you help swell the movement but you will experience the awesome power of combined heart energy connecting the light, that is joy, optimism, positivity and the feeling of delight that is akin to the change we want.

It is in your best interest, and the planet, the people and the kingdoms of nature to become familiar and active with this work that is uplifting immediately and doesn’t take much time.  The benefits are so enormous, it’s a no brainer. Leave your sorry brain activity  and discover / engender a feeling of joy in your heart, and link it to the earth and all things. It’s a simple knack., You will soon get the feeling and take up your rightful role as an active force for speeding up the forthcoming Events and Disclosures.