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that you probably couldn’t do elsewhere

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some unusual things that you probably wont be able to do elsewhere 

  1. Have dinner at the Rock-face House that Omar Sharif supposedly lost in a card game

  2. Meditate in a recently erupted volcano (1825)

  3. The Secret Black beach with cobalt waves

  4. Taste Wine that grows without being manually watered

  5. Visit a house with rooms made out of underground lava

  6. See 1400 species of cactus in a stunning botanical garden

  7. Cycle or walk across a desert island and Picnic at one of the best beaches in the world

  8. Have a yoga session on a surf board

  9. Cliff top vista walks overlooking 4 islands

  10. Panoramic Café voted 1 of ten best views in the world

  11. Enter the Longest Volcanic tube in the world with albino crabs

  12. Walk to the Lava Lake Volcano

  13. Dare you cross the lava arch bridge (at your own risk!)

  14. Beaches with 30 different colours of sand, white to black!

  15. Sing or Play with the Lanzarote Jam Session band at Major Venue

and all that is apart from the Life Changing Insights!

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