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The Pursuit of Happiness

The idea of a holiday is to have an enjoyable trip and to try and eradicate the stress in your life. This very different holiday will show you how the feelings of discomfort that prompt your holiday escape can be used to your advantage. They are useful pointers to emotional blockages that can be released, helped by the beauty of the biosphere, resulting in the ability to attract happier and more fulfilling life. That’s a great justification for such a holiday!

A Walking Holiday

Essentially I drive you to places not usually frequented by tourists where we can enjoy walks in inspirational surroundings. The level and content is entirely your choice. We add activities and visits to coffee vistas and restaurants to suit all preferences. We chat as we go, as I listen to what you want to let go of. I share insights and healing processes, based on meditation that anyone can do. It’s a one to One situation, so it’s all about you. However, with the Two-for-One deal, you can share the cost with a friend!

Choice of Activities

Activities  Choice

While walking is our main focus you can opt to include other activities, with the highlight being cycling (or walking) on the desert island of La Graciosa, with some of the best beaches in the world. We take a picnic which we’re tempted to test each time we arrive at a splendid wave vista. Also available, surfing, Stand Up Paddle Board, tennis, wine tasting, eco attractions, wild life and volcanic landscape photography and much more

Stuart Forster

I’m passionate about sharing the momentous information about a more fulfilling life that is not revealed in our lifestyle. I know the outstanding places where the energy of nature is totally uplifting, where we can explore breakthrough techniques. I will help you piece together a programme of places activities and helpful support to make an enjoyable holiday into the major turning point of your life.

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Logistics Explained

Make a Booking Enquiry, get a date option for one of the tour and support packages, help in locating the ideal accommodation if you need it There are plenty of flights to Lanzarote. You pay for the time package which includes being driven in an air conditioned car, guided tours and optional life insights. Flights, Accommodation and Food and ancillaries are extra

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Life Insights Bonus

My background of over a decade of holistic holidays ensures I know great island places to share but the bonus is in my years of research and practice in higher consciousness processes. The Healing of Belief is closely connected to manifesting the heart’s desire through a raising of the feeling system. This is very timely as the world is poised to allow 5th dimensional consciousness to anyone who is willing to do what it takes to allow it into their life.

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