Why We Go on Holiday

the deeper reasons why we need to escape and reflect

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A decade ago, people used to be looking for all sorts of holidays to recover from their lifestyles. There wasn’t a standard name so they looked for holistic holidays, therapy holidays, certainly yoga holidays, with singles holidays, beach holidays, walking holidays, women traveling alone holidays, even recuperation and relaxing holidays. These were people who are old enough to know what city stress is all about and were intent on their antidote for the job and full-on lifestyle.

Their main reason was to recover from what they had done themselves, coupled with the original holiday notions of escaping to the sun, sitting on a beach, meeting new friends. Formerly the holiday motivation of 20 year olds would be fun, parties, booze, sex, suntan and generally having a blast. I’m sure we all remember the full blast hedonistic holidays that needed another holiday to recover from?! Of course these delights do continue, but as we get older and maturer, we start to become aware of where our life is going, and how to help give it more meaning. After all this is what is really behind the feeling we experience when we know it’s time to take a holiday!

The Age of Recuperation

As one of the first to operate dedicated yoga holidays, we observed the requirements of thousands of holistic holiday makers. Essentially they were professional women, (most men at that stage didn’t see yoga as a man-thing!) with high pressure jobs and an awareness of the toll on their bodies. In yoga holidays they saw a means of undoing some of the stress; to chill out and recuperate from the impact of corporate and city behaviour on their minds and bodies. (Emotions and Spirits; not so much!)

Shooting the Alligators

The waves of neo-yogis were intent on alleviating the stresses and strains, rather than looking for a way to improve their job lot, and the fundamental feeling and enjoyment of life. In management parlance they called it “shooting the alligators, rather than draining the swamp“! Certainly yoga is a great basis for relaxing, but unless we address the root causes of the stress and dis-ease problems, all we are ever going to do is to treat the symptoms. It may be a good business  model to have clients continue to need the life antidote, but for my part I see my role more in the areas of looking at life more open-mindedly, with a view to learning the true causes of why we are low on wellbeing and sustainable happiness.

 Best of Both Worlds

There is a way of combining a relaxing holiday, with sea, therapies, activities, beaches and visits to places of outstanding beauty. In EcoLifeWalks we offer all that, plus a series of fascinating Life Insights, that get to the root of ongoing life dis-satisfaction and really having the sort of life we want. The only problem is realising what it is that will make us happy and being open-minded and aware enough to handle the process of getting there. We will discover that our lives are a function of our beliefs and emotional disposition. Being open minded enough to check it out until you prove it to yourself is well worth the journey. After all, dismissing something you know nothing about is the height of ignorance.

 Stuart: There to help

Stuart Forster takes on the role of chauffeur, navigator, companion, mentor, teacher, listener, restaurant and cafe hunter and fun server!

 Awaiting the New Buzz Word

There is still not a term in the holiday vernacular for this holiday, although the terms of life change holiday, retreat holiday, holiday escape, personal development holiday, spa holiday, therapy holiday, healing holiday are mentioned. This is why we send you a newsletter, and write a blog, to explain that there is a new holiday hybrid that may well do a lot of good for you, although you may not know what to use as you search terms in Google if you are looking to make sense of your life while enjoying a holiday in the sun. However, if you were to enter EcoLifeWalks, that would do it! In essence this is really a Transformation Holiday but I’m not sure that word will catch on. However, in the wake of the massive changes in consciousness we are expecting. Its just a matter of time before consciousness will be part of a new buzz word.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]