What in the World is going on?

//What in the World is going on?

Update as at 11:11 2014
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We have come to a tipping point where by a combination of happenings have evolved to the point that momentous changes are about to happen, literally any day. I have been researching this for over 2 decades and thought I would never see the day when so much promises to be evolving. Here are some bullet points. More details are available on the EcoLifeWalks trips, according to your interest level!

Our DNA has been updating ever since 21/12/2012. It didn’t feel any different except that, like in between a computer operating system update, the old one isn’t working and you need a total reboot to get the new one to start up. We’re still in limbo before the reboot!

The secrets of the government deceptions have started to become evident and less people are labelling those who are realising as conspiracy theorists. Consider

  • LIBOR rate fixing,
  • Disappearance of Nations’ Gold
  • 9/11 and building 7 evidence
  • Other False Flag attempts
  • Monsanto GMO foods.
  • Chemtrails
  • HAARP Weather Control
  • Huge Increase in UFO sightings
  • Attempts to start World War 3,
  • The NEW BRICS alliance,
  • the demise of the Petro-Dollar,
  • Chinese takeover of Federal Reserve Debt,
  • The printing of new Treasury Reserve notes,
  • Impending Currency revaluations,
  • Outrages of the Fracking Industry,
  • Revelations of Paedophile rings,
  • Wickedness of the Vatican,
  • The rise of the Eastern Dragon Families,
  • Destruction of Alien underground bases,
  • Surrender of the Chimera Group and
  • dismantling of their frightening bomb
  • Removal of the Consciousness Veil
  • The Prosperity Packages,
  • Debt Forgiveness,
  • Emergence of new sustainable technologies,
  • People power against Corporatocracy Outrages
  • Organisation of Meditations in harmony with the Planet

love is powerfulBackground Article: What a Revelation!

This is probably the most momentous time the world has even seen, even though the media at large does not tell you, even if they know! We live in a time, long predicted many indigenous peoples around the world and ancient wisdom from the leading spiritual cultures, even, in part, organised religion. This long awaited revelation (from Greek word Apocalypse!), as in the coming of a “Golden Age”, or the “Dawning of Aquarius” has been subtle, but is now apparent, in world changes and most importantly, provable to those who can feel the difference in their inner world. The essence of the story is in how we lost the use of the right half of our brains and the evolution process that has allowed us to regain our forgotten spiritual heritage.


Who am I to say?

This update I am offering you is a result of a decade away from conventional urban society, in a life style where awareness and open mindedness have had a chance to take hold. Most of the information which I have researched, sifted, correlated is most definitely not in the mainstream media. The acid test of all this is whether it feels right to you (gut feeling, rather than logical dismissal) and moreover if it actually works for you. I have had the opportunity to put all this to the test and I have no doubt that there is a universal evolution taking place that gives us the chance to be much more, and ultimately become “who we really are”. These opinions correlate with millions of other people worldwide. I’m not supplying chapter and verse of references. There are millions of sources out there. My intention is to give you the overview and have you check it out for yourself. Logical research is fine but then you still have to apply it! You can save time. If it feels right, start adding feeling and awareness to your life and prove to yourself it works.

 History of  The Fall

gardenofedenI don’t want to lose you by mentioning ancient human interbreeding with negative alien predatorial species, although there is supposedly plenty of evidence for that and it’s biblical parallel with being dispelled from the Garden of Eden. Whatever the actual history may have been, humanity’s “fall from grace” is about losing contact with their divine origins by living in a left brain existence and a blocking of the divine feminine energy. Our mistreatment of Gaia and separation from the kingdoms of nature is symptomatic of this. The pain we felt in our hearts from living in discordant frequencies of fear, gradually saw the closure of the heart centre and related emotional energy, thus blocking the divine feminine, and leading to a dormant right brain. Our crown chakras atrophied, and with that our sense of guidance from the “great source”  See Also Sophia creates Gaia in my “Would You Believe It?!” site


Religious Control

Handgun beside an old brass crucifix NOTE Handgun is imitation toy and marked accordingly

Excuse the Hollywood phrase but it leads on logically to human life being dominated by masculine energy, in the absence of the “love balance”. This led to a perception of the physical world being our only reality and that it was down to the individual to survive in any way possible, including killing, deception, theft, manipulation, exploitation and the rest. Although a few Avatars managed to pierce the veil and attempt to spread the good news of how it could be, these messages were largely taken over by organised religion from around the Roman Military period, when gnostic, pagan and goddess followers were literally “taken out”, in a similar fashion to Hypatia, the venerated Philosopher having her flesh torn from her bones in Alexandria, around the time of the burning of the great library. Also at this time about 325AD came the political compromises designed by the Council of Nicaea under Emperor Constantine, who converted to Christianity as a political expedient. The bible of that time specifically excluded contemporary references to spiritual power, as were later discovered in the Dead Sea scrolls and the Nag Hammadi texts. Churches, since then, while well meaning, have not communicated the powerful truths about the human heart and emotion systems.



Ironically the first sight of the light returning was in the “Renaissance” period, ironically beginning in Italy from the 14th to 17th Centuries. This would be the first of noticeable bursts of humanism, art, science, religion and self-awareness. It is supposed that infusions of light also took place in the Himalayas, and Lake Titicaca on the border of Peru and Bolivia. (Interesting to note that both these countries were among the first, if not the first to ban the harmful GMO products forced on the world my Monsanto and the Cabal.) One of the first signs of the essence of the Divine Mother came in Central America with the vision of Mary in Mexico, since referred to the Virgin of Guadeloupe.



The Mayan Calendar


We don’t hear so much about the Mayan Calendar, (see earlier Blog) now that we have passed the long awaited day of 21st December 2012, or whichever date you prefer! The Calendar system, like many other prophecies, foretold the coming of a “golden age” and a transformation of higher consciousness. This was a trigger date starting the advanced process that would gradually and subtly start a quantum evolution process effecting human DNA and leading to possibilities of mass spiritual transformation. The new evolutionary energy (reports, not widely publicised of energy emanations from the galactic centre) is also having an effect on the Illuminati / Cabal / Military Corporate / Blood Line controls that have beset humanity and seeded most of the wars in living memory. There is chapter and verse on this, too much to go into, but see my earlier conspiracy blog. You may have come across widespread doubt that the recent Boston Bomb outrage was anything other than another false flag incident. Talking of Chapter and Verse, there is a plethora of reports about UFO activity (Even one on Sky News coverage of the Olympics opening ceremony! ) See Also The Mayan Calendar in my “Would You Believe It?!” site

UFOs are now to be taken Siriusly!

Have you seen the full length movie, The Sirius Disclosure?and do you know about The Healing of Belief

The Archons

History of the Rothschilds

Mary Magdalene

The Council of Nicaea

The Nag Hammadi Texts

The Gnostics

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