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A Time of Mass Enlightenment. If you have had your ear to the ground outside the conventional mainstream media, you may well have noticed references to the fact that we are approaching a time of mass ascension and enlightenment. Depending on your belief system, in essence we are talking about a major acceleration in human evolution.

Over the millenia there are accounts, many handed down, and often edited, of humans who, via special practices, have acquired unusual spiritual powers, compared to the general understanding of human potential.

It is often shrouded in most religious teachings that the ability to “ascend” from our present 3rd dimensional consciousness, through the astral plain to the fifth dimension, is a progression open to all. The teachings of the church are not widely know to promote this, even though Jesus, for one, was emphatic that we can all do what he did, since we are all part of the same connection and potential. Most of us have grown up with the impression that the beings referred to in stained glass windows, who could walk on water, heal the sick, manifest things and have a deep knowing, are from the heavenly corner of the universe and above the possibility of mere men. Throughout history there have been “holy” men and women, who often cut themselves off from the main society, preferring to live in solitude within the natural world. Too often these ascended souls were condemned as heretics by the church or even burnt or buried alive without trial, at the whim of the denouncer!

Most of our churches, with their rules, traditions are hierarchies preferred to keep the minions in their place, to be governed and harvested by the ruling elite. Church leaders, (as well as presiding over some good works), by their nature had to be political animals and had little courage to stray from the rulings of the early Christian directives, following the dicta of the Council of Nicaea, 325AD, which stitched up beliefs from multiple sources into a bundle of bits that gave everyone something to latch onto. If you detect a somewhat scathing attitude to the “holy gathering” of bishops, then you definitely get my drift! As an organist within the Church of England for some decades I know the scenario well, plus i have had even more decades to research and live by a new consciousness, based on stuff the bible does not tell you about. Isn’t it odd, that the essential mechanism of prayer is not formally disclosed by the church. (certainly C of E, in my experience).

The bible does have reference to Revelations and Apocalypse (Apocalypse is Greek for revelation) although the word apocalypse has picked up negative connotations of death and the end of time has morphed, often into the end of the world. There are as many prophecies about this time WE ARE NOW IN, as there are sources of ancient wisdom and indigenous people. The Mayan Calendar is but one, but an important one, as it has carved in stone logical information as to the converging cyles that herald this time of the golden age and the transformation of consciousness. See my Blog on the Mayan Calendar and Mayan Calendar Update. While you’re at it, you may like to check out some well documented conspiracy theories outlining some of the outrages that have been used to keep the majority under control by the ruling elite. If you have only ever read conventional media you think this is outrageous, but if you research the huge amount of material available online, with an open mind, you may change your thinking!

So what is the Ascension?

It is a gradual physical emotional and spiritual transition into a stable, unitive enlightenment, resulting in a permanently-blissful condition. It put us beyond all physical karma. There comes with it a sense of deep knowing with all things, a clarity of mind and increased powers of manifestation. People will look younger and throw off their health issues. Essentially we are escaping the world of duality, with its inherent fear and grief.

Who can Ascend?

Ascension is the potential of all human beings, although there is a choice in making the transition or staying in the third dimension. Clearly belief system has a major bearing, since our intent, and fundamental thinking govern the direction of our being. The process cannot take place until we shed restriction beliefs and emotional blockages. The body has to cleanse emotionally before the raising of the kundalini can take place; a kind of spiritual upload to a very powerful operating system, beyond our wildest expectations.

How can You Prepare
for the process of ascension which is already starting as we enter a time of momentous global change

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