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Spiritual escapes are a necessary and uplifting gift to yourself, to allow space, to take time out, to get in touch within and make life enhancing changes. It is much more than a holiday in that it has specialised supportive attributes to make the most of your time and extend guidance and uplifting insights. It is important to break our schedule of urban and commercial practices in order to mend the stress which these systems place upon us. More than that, it is vital to take stock and examine what is going on beyond the dominance of the mental activity which is rarely a true reflection of what we are essentially, in our “authentic or higher selves”. The benefits that can accrue from your spiritual escape are priceless, in that you can discover new ways of conducting your life that embody greater degrees of happiness and fulfilment. This, of course, has an automatic improvement on health, abundance, creativity and the rest. Stuart Forster has facilitated happy spiritual escapes on Lanzarote since 1999