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a typical but variable schedule of the places, activities and insights

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The following typical 5-day package in Lanzarote is recommended if you want to explore all the content and fits conveniently into a week’s holiday. You choose your own content and timetable.
One and three-day packages are reduced versions of the 5-day customised to suit you. See Prices of packages

On your arrival day, I am available by SMS or phone to help in the unlikely event of any problems. You will have arranged your own accommodation with help, if you need it, and there are plenty of taxis from the airport, after your flight. This is a typical schedule although it is always customisable to your one-to-one preference, activity level and any external factors. Yoga can be included in this timetable, either inclusive with me or with a Specialist teacher. I combine guidance to places and activities with the Life Insights which are the bonus of the offering. An introductory meeting over a drink with a general chat and the indication of special requirements, such as therapies, surfing or tennis. On each of the days I pick you up at your chosen hotel and drive you to a scenic power place, activity or therapy, stopping for refreshments whenever and taking a late lunch at a very special location. We can pick up any shopping you need before I return you to base at the end of the day.

We usually start at 10am so you are able to relax and don’t feel the pressure of a tight schedule. On the first day we don’t do too much in the way of walking or activity but head off to somewhere scenic for a chat. I listen (Deep Listening Technique) to you outline your expectations and aspirations, tell me how your life is going, the obstacles, recurring problems, and how magnificent you would like your life to be, giving us some material to work on during our delightful tours! We may visit the Cesar Manrique Foundation to see how dreams can come true and continue our chats at an Oceanside restaurant offering international and local fare, plus the wonderful wines of Lanzarote.
We drive to a place far from resorts, where a gentle walk takes us to “the Secret Beach” contrasting black sand with white foam and transparent turquoise waves. This is a great place to relax, wave watch, explore ocean inlets into the lava, yoga and meditation. Our conversation will touch on the state of change in the world and how humanity has been living in a state of deception and exploitation (Yes Really!) Our belief Belief System is important and an open mind works well. All chats are different but I will endeavour to make you realise that you and your life can be much much more than you ever thought!. The timing of taking part in a holiday like this is absolutely spot on, as there are massive changes about to be announced which will surprise the world! We can take a picnic with us or more usually have lunch at one of the ocean side restaurants and take a look at one of the minor wonders of the world.  
I’ll take you to into the volcano zone and we will enter decide between three places that have different examples of vulcanism, optionally including the Lava Lake Volcano. While we talk about the practical “Laws of the Universe” we will combine our connection with Mother Earth in these places of exceptional power in the Volcano Meditation. Such places are ideal to explore our feeling connections as a go—between of heaven and Earth. We can explore the process of allowing feelings of discomfort to be removed by our connection to the profound energies of nature. Perhaps onto Wine Tasting at the island’s oldest and argueably finest winery, followed by lunch in a lunar landscape and classic lanzarote bodega / art gallery.
To the North of the island and to one of the most amazing vistas over the Chinjo archipelago and a sight of La Graciosa where we go the next day. This can be a place of alpine meadows in December / January . Insight-wise we look at recurring life situations that are reflecting an opportunity to heal and explore how the belief system has held onto misapprehensions from earlier in life. There are techniques for releasing these with the resultant surge emotional release and lightness that bodes an improved manifestation. Down to earth to the astonishing Cactus Garden where 1400 species pose for photographs. Lunch at the former house of Omar Sharif with a host of surprises including a night club in the rock face! If there’s time we can walk along the very picturesque Famara beach where you can have a surf lesson in front of the islands and beneath the towering cliffs we walked on earlier!

The ultimate day where we focus on our insights and intentions and make a memorable event by communicating them to the cosmic mirror for them to come into our life. It’s also the high point in that we go the island of La Graciosa and to one of the best beaches in the world, as well as other things you don’t see every day. It’s a great opportunity to rent a mountain bike and cycle along sandy tracks. If your plans include setting up a new business, we can cover fundamental advice on traditional methods as well as the gearing afforded by new media, in particular, websites, blogs, social media, broadcast mailing, ebooks and podcasts. Stopping here and there before returning to the harbour for a well earned refreshment before the return ferry and a visit to Mirador del Rio, another amazing Manrique creation, where we can look down on the island from which we have returned and review our journey from the cliff-top vista.

Before you depart I will make sure you have all the extra photographs and videos I took of your stay. We will arrange for any support material you need to be sent on to you and you are free to follow up with questions once you get back and start being the new you!

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