The Launch of EcoLifeWalks

//The Launch of EcoLifeWalks

In essence, Holistic Holidays has been about personal transformation so it’s quite fitting that that it should undergo the same itself! Having hosted wellbeing and relaxation retreats for 12 years, our mission has been to offer yoga, therapies and activities that help alleviate the stress of city living. This we have done with great success, although for some years we have been placing a greater emphasis on ways of creating a happier, healthier life, rather than reviving the old one!

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to research the business of making more of life. Our personal practice in life transformation has necessarily changed the way we structure our holidays. We do not lose sight of the fact that for most of our clients, these weeks are most necessary as a holiday and recuperation. Not everyone wants to spend their time away, attending an indoor workshop, fascinating though that may be!

There is also a subtle challenge in the communication of what it is we do. Belief systems play a big part in the outcome of our lives, yet the paradox is, how do we get through to anyone who does not believe in belief systems! In our reporting of updates in mainstream understanding of quantum physics, or simply the natural laws that underpin our existence in the universe, we run the risk of overlapping with religion, dogma and all that dodgy stuff. I have to admit, that even as a reformed Christian church organist (reformed is me, not the church!) of many years, through my new understanding, I now attribute my connection with any notion of deity to the appreciation of nature. When it comes to any connection with the creative source of the universe, I do not go through wholesalers!

After 12 years of having people to stay, with differing personal agendas, not always similar to our own, week on week, something had to give. Lynne now enjoys specialist yoga teaching in yoga therapy and has enjoyed some remarkable breakthroughs, in the wake of her continuing studies with the International Association of Yoga Therapists in the USA. Stuart is excited about the evolution of his Life Change Retreat Courses, having facilitated them for 2 years now. The problem was the alchemical blending of our new preferences, in the wake of not inviting heavy “hospitality” and the ever growing numbers of rescued cats, thanks mainly to ex members of staff bringing them into the fold before finishing their contracts!

The answer is Eco Life Walks! Stuart says “The practice of living with energy is greatly enhanced by unspoiled beautiful environment, with which we are blessed in Spades! Like many, I feel the changing energy of the universe and feel my connection to the source through the beautiful places I visit, both on Lanzarote and in the nearby island of La Graciosa in the Chinijo Archipelago. I have long since replaced any notions of religion with a sense of Deep Ecology.

While our cats take a lot of looking after and are expensive to care for, the way we do, they are a great source of relaxation and pleasure to our guests. They enable a feeling of admiration at their sleek independence. A cat curled up in your lap is a great focus to stillness, appreciation, gratitude and peace. Since we have plenty of them, and they are all lovely, let’s give them a role in the show!
Cesar Manrique has left Lanzarote with a series of Ecological showcases of marvellous edifices built into the landscape in harmony with nature. Visiting these places is great for engendering a feeling of admiration for how he realised his heart’s desires especially by working in harmony with the kingdoms of nature. We have a selection of memorable walks, diverse geology amongst our 300 volcanoes, clean air, clear warm water, ideal for scuba and surfing. Beaches are of 30 colours from black to white.

Regarding accommodation, we will arrange nearby places for guests although our friends will stay in the villa. We will still use our lovely panoramic lounge for some course work, but most of it will be while we are in the biosphere. I will guide EcoLifeWalks visitors to these special places by car, by boat and on selected strolls through the landscape usually finishing by the ocean.”
Thus EcoLifeWalks is a package of yoga, swimming, cat hosting, life course workshop, visits to notable eateries, an island excursion for cycling or walking, personal mentoring, with optional surf lessons, personal training, massage, shiatsu, kinesiology and more. You will still have plenty of time for sunbathing, even in winter. We have WiFi too.