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Often, Life Change Holiday clients become clear that they want to embark on a new direction in life. I get many requests for help in focusing on New Business Directions and moreover how to make this happen in practical terms.


You can add a condensed version of the New Business Directions module onto your EcoLifeWalks Week or indeed spend a while week on the practicalities of making new new direction happen.

Stuart Forster, originally an Economic Studies graduate has set up diverse successful businesses and also specialised in internet based business promotion techniques.

Part of a decision to change your life can involve looking at ideas for a new business directions, often a startup business, and this involves and I am often asked, “please, help me with my business

  • brainstorming great business ideas
  • refining new business ideas
  • how to start business
  • Preparing a business plan
  • Promoting a New Business
  • marketing on the internet / online
  • business services you may require
  • how to do business online
  • a business website
  • business ideas