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MoretoLifeNOW Short Break
2 day Life and Nature Discovery Holiday

Short Break Holiday Info

We have run Holistic Holidays and Activity Holidays, for busy professionals, in the Lanzarote biosphere, for over a decade. We know that people like the idea of a short break holiday in the sun, with interesting things to do. Most folks don’t have much time but need the benefits of a holiday escape, a spa break, a yoga holiday or nature walks. People searching for “Lanzarote Short Break” or “Lanzarote weekend break” may not be aware of  a new genre of  life style holiday breaks.  EcoLifeWalks offer a new recuperative holiday hybrid which combines a 2 day holiday or a long weekend holiday in the sun. Let’s call it a 2 day Life and Nature Discovery Holiday, for want of a better phrase.


A short sunny holiday break puts you into a beautiful sunny environment. That sounds good, but the real bonus is the chance to realise what you have been doing to yourself in your life! Two days may not calm the soul like a yoga holiday week, but they will provide insights into a powerful life strategy, that can make your life the way you want it! Again, it’s a great way to escape, discover, reflect, realise before determining to have more of what you want in your life. Why would you not want to?! It’s the best thing you can ever do for yourself (and indirectly for others too!) Combining this vital do-able opportunity with a short holiday is a massive win-win situation! You take back, not just a quick tan but, benefits that can last a lifetime! Consider the value of that!


We are regularly asked to provide a stay of 2 days or a long weekend for those who do not have time (or budget) for longer. (It’s easy to get to Lanzarote with tolerable, affordable direct flights from most airports). Of course we point out that it’s not long enough to fully relax, although we all agree that this is a lot, lot better than nothing! Up until now our holidays have been for a minimum of a week.

Enter the MoretoLifeNOW Short Break. This two day insight course takes place while we visit places of outstanding beauty. There is enough time to give you an overview of the latest understanding of wellbeing energy and how catch phrases such as “The Law of Attraction” and “Cosmic Ordering” really work. The break is an introduction to the full week offered in our full, fun, life change holiday with EcoLifeWalks.

There are no class room sessions. It’s all done out and about, as we visit stunning beaches with transparent waves, oceanside restaurants and even cycle across a desert island, to arguably the best beach in the world! By agreement with you or the small group, (of 1-4 people) you can request the content of what the period includes, so it’s totally flexible to your needs.



You pay for the Course, Teaching, Tour Guidance and course transport. You book your own accommodation, (we give you pointers) and you pay for your own food and incidental expenses. Come earlier and stay later if you prefer to stay a little longer.

You will enjoy air-con chauffeurage to awesome volcanic terrain and unspoilt beaches, and discovering stunning cafes, eateries and places where tourists rarely experience.

We will explore time-honoured secrets which are now being corroborated by current scientific discoveries. It is now widely realised, and we will prove to you, that we do determine the outcome of our lives. (If you do not believe this then just reflect on “what if you are wrong!”) What is more, you will realise that we do manifest things we don’t want in life. Have you ever heard of “If you don’t like your life, look at your beliefs!) Having proved to you that you do bring about the things in your life you don’t want, it is only a short step to changing that, to what you do want!


We will send you away with course material and summary notes, to help you recall the insights and become aware of the choices you have in the life that awaits you back home!

You may well become so inspired by new possibilities for your life that you consider taking the fuller EcoLifeWalks week this or another time.

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