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MoretoLifeNOW does what is says on the tin! You can have what you want in your life and why wait! It’s a combination of learning how to make your life the way you would like it to be, while discovering  the stunning Lanzarote biosphere.

Stuart Forster, with over a decade of running holistic holidays has designed MoretoLifeNOW, short break holiday version of EcoLifeWalks, as an insight into how we can manifest the change in our lives that we desire. The awareness of natural law and natural beauty together, make an uplifting and powerful experience.

This 2-Day Life Change Course operates while we are out-and-about in the environment, as we explore volcanic vistas and special beaches via our air-conditioned car. We can suggest accommodation for you, or you may already have made arrangements. It’s a good idea if you are able to allow extra days before, to chill, or afterwards to enjoy. The base of the course will depend on the location of the participants.

This 2-day short break course is an introduction to the fuller course which is featured in the EcoLifeWalks holiday week. It is available either as a residential package or as a non-residential introduction with trips if you are already on the island.

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