Mayan Calendar Update

//Mayan Calendar Update


If you read the earlier blog about “What Happens at the End of the Mayan Calendar” you may be wondering what is going on since all the hyperbola about end dates has died down, to some extent?

There was a big debate about whether the numeric calculation of the literal Mayan Calendar, ending of October 28th 2011, meant that instant world change would be experienced. Obviously the changes around us continue. We can hardly not notice the unusual weather, planetary upheavals. We are beginning to see more transparency in the financial systems. There is a gradual increase in the media featuring cases of massive improprieties although there is still much more evidence of Cabal and Illuminati type crimes on the new media, as opposed to the mainstream.

There have been some powerful astronomic occurrences and many of us whose business it is to be aware of feeling the effects of the process, are aware of noticeable change, although this may not have been picked up by the majority of people. Certainly the astrologers tell as similar story.

The New DNA
What I believe is happening, at this interim period before the calendar, and and the commonly predicted significant date of December 21st 2012, is a kind of  universal software upload. This “Software” is bringing about a subtle change in our DNA and will have a major bearing on our consciousness, so long as we know how to live with it! It is as though the end of the hard wired period up to October 28th, last year, has ended and there is a gradual process in the quantum energy of universal life. This is particularly in respect of the planet and her life forms. Mother Earth has been going through birth pains. Quakes and volcanic eruptions are more frequent than ever, and all on record if you want to check. Look at the number of fires there have been around the world. How has your weather been? Not normal. In Lanzarote we just had our first rain, just a little, for over a year!

This is a personal overview update, so I’m not setting out to prove anything. I do study this process closely as it is deeply linked to my EcoLifeWalks work, so I have had the opportunity to see and experience a lot of situations.

The essence of the decoded Calendar message is not about the end of the world. The End of Time label is literally the chronological end of an eon and this is claimed to calibrate to October 28th 2011.

11;11 on December 21st 2012?
For all that now points to the other popular date of December 21st 2012, (and there are many pointers suggesting that this is a pivotal date), we should not expect there to be universal change, there and then, right at the 11:11am moment. There is a lot of reconciliation taking place with planetary and human consciousness. The ascension to the 5th dimension consciousness cannot take place until the conditions are suitable. Although this is not geared to 11:11 on 21/12/2012 exactly, I maintain there will be major shifts in in disclosures about criminal manipulation before too long that will help the mass consciousness realise that we have been actively kept from the truth of our origins and our potential.

Good and Bad ETs!
Have you noticed the upsurge in UFO sightings around the world? There was even one filmed, certainly on Sky News’s version, at the Olympic games opening. Again there will be big disclosures about the presence and previous cover ups of our galactic neighbours. There are recorded incidences of government officials now  admitting that the truth was not totally forthcoming in previous accounts. Youtube, admittedly not always from authoritative sources, is loaded with new accounts and hand held pics! We need to understand that there are distinct different types of extra terrestrials; bad ones known as Archons, which are part of human domination/ control over the centuries, allegedly in collusion with the cabal / illuminati powerful minorities. You may have heard of Davis Icke’s reptilian pre-occupations. He may yet be proved right?  Keep an open mind. Its only preposterous because our belief systems have been nobbled all along!

The other kindred, friendly and more powerful ETs are very much on our side and are helping us in many ways, particularly in the struggle against the domination of financial and information control that has kept us on the dark for centuries. Many of these beings come from the Pleiades (mentioned in the bible for what that is worth!). They have technologies which will be available to us once the time is right and a general disclosures have been made. I know it sounds fanciful at this stage, but time will tell. Truth will out and then you can decide more clearly. They are around in great numbers and concerned in case their general recognition should spark fear in the world. Once there is disclosure as to their intent, I think they will become commonplace by common agreement.

Its probably crazy to predict all this when events are so close to having the beans spilled in the months to come. However, in your state of open-mindedness, (you wouldn’t want to miss out, if it were to be true!!) keep all this in your “I guess it’s possible” filing tray, if you will!

Ascension to the 5th Dimension
The main reason for keeping in touch with these possibilities is that quite soon, the lid will be taken off consciousness as we enter the 5th dimension with the possibility of mass enlightenment and ascension. (Long predicted by many ancient wisdom, to happen at this time.) When this happens, and it is only weeks/ months away? then our powers of manifestation will increase. We already do manifest even though most of it is at a default unconscious level. Shortly it will become vital to be aware of what our emotional bodies are doing, since this will be the difference between manifesting joy and fulfillment as opposed to negativity, major illness and a parting of the ways!

I also predict that EcolifeWalks will get a lot more busy!


Stuart Forster is a Philosopher, Musician, Photographer and Writer who facilitiates Biosphere Holidays in Lanzarote with dialogues about making the Life we Want