Worry is a waste of imagination
















This is one of many examples you will hear about on the MoretoLifeNOW dialogues,  as Part of the EcoLifeWalks Package in Lanzarote.

We are talking about how negative emotional energy brings about equivalent negative events in life. The fact, that you may not believe that the nature of your feelings effects your life outcome, does not stop that process actually happening! That is the trap that humans have fallen into for centuries, even though changing the process is just a function of awareness and emotional uplift.

In order to have the process of natural energy work for you, you need to be open-minded enough to use the process correctly to get the proof that you can believe.

The irony is that worry is the same process as that of the positive creative imagination, only the feeling energy is negative.

The greatest secret you may ever overlook

[fancy_header2 textColor=”#000000″]Holding the Awareness

of the positive feelings of emotional excitement,
of how you would feel, when you get what you want,
will help bring about the process of its arrival!

This may be the greatest secret you ever overlook[/fancy_header2]

I agree it sounds a$$ about face, but this is how it works
Even if you have to simulate, fake it til you make it, or “cut and paste” excited feelings from other contexts, it all helps!

Worry; the focus on negative expectation is quite the reverse.

So it is a waste when we use the creative energy process negatively, without realising (awareness) when we could bring about the preferred outcome just be changing the way we consciously feel.

Again it’s worth reminding you of Wayne Dyer’s quotation. “The Highest form of Ignorance is in rejecting something you know nothing about.

Surely it would more than a waste to reject the opportunity of having what you want, just because you may have previously believed it could not work.

Being open minded enough to try harnessing positive emotional energy with awareness, will prove to you that this is truth, so long as you lean the technique of holding the positive emotional awareness.