Life insights 1000I can honestly say I have my own proof as to the veracity of this material, which led me into a journey of research and experiment into Life Insights, leaving me in absolutely no doubt that we are much much more than we are led to believe.

Years of yoga practice in my Holistic Holidays made me realise there is a way to quieten the stimulated mind enabling access to a place of direct greater connection with all things, enhanced by cleansing of the emotional body. In fact I had an Epiphany when I realised how I had closed my emotions down, at age 5, and the release of the mechanism I had installed, allowed me to access my manifestation capabilities. I now have much more powerful material which it excites me to share. Here are some snippets.

  • we have been deceived as to our origins, the workings of the world and how our divine potential has been hidden from us
  • By connecting via the heart, to Mother Nature, (Gaia), and helped by nature tours to places of outstanding beauty, we tap into a profound guidance and mutual healing
  • We are natural manifestors; that is we can make things come about via our emotional / DNA connectivity. This works all the time. Its just that we don’t realise and have the default settings on less than ideal. Once we realise, its just a matter of learning how to change the settings!
  • Our belief is very key, in that it determines what we choose to set in place and make important in our lives. The Healing of Belief is a major gem of this package, although optional, as ever!
  • The development of awareness becomes an essential component of our maifesting our happiness and fulfillment
  • Our very special human DNA which used to work only on 2 strands is currently upgrading, as the SOlar System goes through a stream of cosmic rays. (“Wave-X”). If we are willing, and clear our emotions we have the capability of working with up to 12 strands!!!![/
  • Alternative Music Tuning Systems. The unnatural standard tuning frequency (440 hz), detracts from the symmetry of sacred vibrations and overtones. It is least harmonious to life and love and was introduced by Rothschild-Rockefeller (Illuminati) alliance. Now why would they go to the trouble of doing that when 432Hz is demonstrably more akin to the human vibration. We can listen to the comparison and you can even convert your playlist to 432! !