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Life Changing Holidays

So what is a Life Changing Holiday?

We all love to get away, have fun, relax and recuperate. We call it a holiday. It takes our mind off everything and gives us permission to enjoy ourselves. We are in the habit of needing a periodic break, to get over the the things that get us down, at a place with agreeable weather and an attractive environment.  It’s hard wired into our life practice that, from time to time, we escape to a different and attractive location. It takes our mind away from how our life has become. Sometimes we have even been on holidays that return us in a worse state (wasted) than when we went, but at least we had fun and it felt good at the time! Having fun and feeling good was always part of the recipe for recuperating from a life style that was detracting from our well-being. A holiday helps us to separate from what we are not enjoying. Our holidays are a series of temporary solutions to not feeling good in life.  Having fun and feeling good are key ingredients. By the way, the original notion of a holiday was based on the Old English hāligdæg; a time to refocus on how we connect to our true essence. We can do this by going on a Life Changing Holiday!

Life Indicated that we need change

But,  isn’t it strange, that we use our holidays as an antidote to a life style that regularly takes us to the point where we have to escape from it! Our life styles, beliefs, careers, obligations, and yearnings can obstruct a greater realisation. There is a massive blind-spot here. We regard the fact that we need to get away as the signal for an escape. There is a bigger message that our awareness does not heed. (Or more likely, our awareness is not switched on!) Message:  if we feel that way about our lives then we need to change something, to feel better, more than just for the week.  Life is indicating that we need to change, yet in our mind script, we automatically reach for the patch.

Stuart Forster has had the perfect perspective to observe holiday escape behaviour, having run Holistic Holidays on a desert island, for over a decade. With yoga as the main focus, he describes his the clients’ typical pattern as “staging a stressful last minute rush, to get everything done, before dashing off for a holiday escape, to a health farm, for a yoga holiday, for a last minute retreat”. Note the solution is to “escape” from the life rather than to fix or intrinsically improve it! As yoga became a more acceptable way of spending a holiday (yes eyebrows were raised in the early days!) Holistic Holidays soon developed a following of corporate professionals, who realised that yoga helps take your mind off a stressful lifestyle, thus providing a temporary respite. Notice how reference to “the mind” keeps appearing. “Remember also so that the mind generates thoughts based on our belief system. Belief is just thoughts we keep on thinking and that belief is usually incomplete or flawed!”

Certainly, it seemed like a good business model. The corporate process continually pressured his clients into a place where they needed to visit the retreat for the antidote. Off they flew to the desert island escape. Towards the end of the week they started to feel better, then went back to life as before and abandoned the accrual of feel-good and body awareness.

Stuart Forster left the London business world two decades ago, to follow his heart into spiritual development after venture capitalists voted him out of his own wallpaper and fabrics company. Becoming a co-host of Holistic Holidays, with his then partner in charge of yoga, he gradually found his welcome meeting introduction was inclining more and more to the secrets of sustainable happiness, well-being and fulfilment. Stuart felt that sharing the hallowed insights that he had tried and tested for himself in his desert island life style, was more important than anything else he felt to do. He effectively joined the new global mainstream of people who know, deep down, the truths and techniques that really can serve greater well-being. That is to say, he wanted to move his focus on how to fundamentally “enable” personal aspirations, on an on-going basis, rather than having to apply the periodic recuperation patch! So instead of going back into the burnout cycle, we can change our awareness of life, to bring about a greater well-being, which in-turn will bring about whatever else we want; really. Feeling-good works better for us, when we keep it in focus continually, rather than using it as an antidote. A Life Changing holiday will help you to become aware of your feeling process and how to lift it!

However there is a big obstacle to promoting this new outlook on life, just like yoga was frowned on by some, a decade ago, from their own prejudices. The big paradox is that most of us have a mind set, a belief system, based on early assumptions on how life works. Not all of these assumptions are true or subsequently reviewed. In many instances our flawed belief system discounts discoveries of life management systems that really can add to health, wealth and happiness substantially. Stuart insists that we all demonstrate a blind-spot in our intelligence when we discount something that that can hugely benefit us, if employed in a way that we can prove it to ourselves. As in so many cases, just being prepared to examine the possibility of a new way of seeing things can be the start of a better life.

“Life Changing” is more than a pivotal moment whereby we meet a new person or business connection. There is a more fundamental meaning. Stuart considers “Life Changing to be the process of discovering we have a greater potential available to us. By being aware when we quieten the mind, there are other places in the body capable of sustaining “consciousness”. This consciousness is a way of knowing more than the sum total of our personal mental database. As a computer analogy its like comparing your old slow, hard-drive to being on a cosmic internet with the world fastest connection, and then some. This is only part of the analogy as the human version has the ability to manifest: that is, to bring about things, situations or states that we want. It’s important not to dismiss this as being woo-woo! It has to be worth investigating and you can prove it for yourself once you learn the techniques. You can learn the techniques of a Life Changing Holiday!

Warning in case you are thinking of dismiss the notion. (Admittedly it may sound crazy at first!)

Knowledge on how to change your life is becoming mainstream, but is still relatively scarcely reported in the media at large. I offer you a quote from Dr Wayne Dyer.  “The Highest Form of Ignorance is when you reject something you know nothing about!” ”. It reminds me of Einstein’s famous quote “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

Putting the two together, here is your challenge. We are looking at a powerful extension of human power, much much greater than any hi-tech gismo, based on awareness, emotion and belief. If you have not experienced this before you may be tempted to disregard it as being nonsense. But what if you are wrong, (and it is my knowing that you would be.) This would be the ultimate baby thrown out of any bathwater! The irony is that non-belief works just as powerfully as believing.  The only difference is in the programming. Believe me, ignoring this is a similar situation to the bloke who turned down the Beatles. At least you can opt in later, once you realise!

Ken Carey says “    Belief systems are illusions of linguistically structured thought.  They are cages created by words, imprisoning those who view the world through them.”

Stuart has been offering life changing holidays now for five years, as the next generation or evolution from generic yoga holidays. There can be nothing more important in life than to discover that the process of feeling good naturally, in a state of awareness,  is the guidance system to be, do, or have whatever you want in life. It’s the ultimate win-win situation. There aren’t any better offers than this, other than the two-for-one holiday special!

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