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Hesperia, Lanzarote; one of the recommended accommodation options

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The notion of a Health Spa or a Spa Resort has long been associated with relaxation, rejuvenation, well-being and, these days, there are plenty of retreats to choose from. If you are reading this because you are looking at spa holidays for one of two, then this page will interest you. Stuart Forster, founder of EcoLifeWalks offers your own choice of accommodation but also recommends the Lanzarote Hesperia 5 star Spa Resort, extending the spa holiday concept to produce the Ultimate Spa Holiday!

Quieten the Mind

If you have an immediate need for a wellness spa, then the chances are you do not want to wait and may be looking for last minute spa availabilities. The internet is full of spa health resorts and spa retreats but there is a holiday starting here next week. Stuart maintains that the principle facets of well-being revitalisation are in the area of quietening the mind. Certainly rest, pampering, sun and treatments are fundamentals of the holiday but they only go so far. No matter how many hot stones, massages or seaweed baths you have, if your mind is still frantic, or still whirring below your awareness, then you may not take home sustainable well-being.

Cellular, not Cellulite!

What makes our combination different, is that the Lanzarote Hesperia, a luxury spa resort at Puerto Calero, Lanzarote works with with Spa Manager Dolores Garcés. Dolores understands that treatments, wonderful though they are at the Hesperia, can go further than superficial touch, to begin to access our inner space. Dolores herself offers a Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy which profoundly reaches the parts that are not normally refreshed. Sound vibration has the ability to resonate our personal real estate, into a place akin to its design blue-print, so you are being re-aligned at cellular level.

Deep Ecology

Another vital component of your well-being, is the enjoyment and uplifting feeling which we get when we are in natural places of outstanding beauty; the Lanzarote Ecology. A major part of the EcoLifeWalks formula is to take people to places of outstanding natural beauty. Stuart Forster knows some places where the tourists rarely go and they are popular with his visitors, for example the Volcano Vortex Meditation and the Desert Island Exploration trip. There is a magic in the process of appreciating beauty in nature. It’s connected to the essence embodied in “It takes one to recognise one”. We feel good because the place of beauty inside ourselves equates with the experience of beauty around us. Stuart calls it Deep Ecology, when we get a strong sense of connectedness by generation of gratitude in the beholding of our exquisite environment. This is very very beneficial for our well-being and beyond!

I think therefore I am NOT!

Descartes, who coined the phrase “I think therefore I am” perhaps convinced himself that he existed, but we are not in doubt about that, ourselves! The human condition is one of living with an uncontrollable, full-on mental barrage of thought, both at conscious and un-conscious levels. Apart from the energy it takes from our system, many of these thoughts are worries or concerns which simply burn up our body fuel, by incessantly going round and round in a mental loop. What is not generally realised but is no longer a secret is that thoughts do manifest situations, good or bad. (EcoLifeWalks covers this important area, in depth, in the MoretolifeNOW workshop, with in the holiday setting accompanied by tours to sensational beaches and eco-attractions).

Not just Any Old Irony!

Consider the irony of this. We take time, and money, out, for the opportunity to recuperate and become refreshed, assuming that we are giving ourselves the best shot at doing what it takes. Admittedly the conventional spa notion does a lot of good, but if, beneath it all, the mind is worrying about stuff back home, spinning round the worry maelstrom, focussing on deep down concerns and insecurities, then we are not making the most of our revitalisation opportunity. It is only by accessing our innermost workings that major well-being and life enhancing possibilities come into place. In short, if we are unaware what our thought are doing (and quite often they are not positive) then not only are we wasting energy but we are, unknowingly creating or maintaining adverse situations and outcomes. Hence the correction of the famous quote, I think therefore I am not. Our true state of being, where we access our true connectedness with all things, is where we move our point of awareness, away from thoughts, to feelings, and use our deliberate intention, to find ways of feeling better. If you dwell on just that last sentence, Stuart guarantees your life will become better!

Major Benefits

Additionally specialist Yoga and Personal Training can be booked as extras, and are highly recommended. Just 12 of the Major Benefits of The Ultimate Spa Holiday!

There are start dates throughout the year. Arrival day is Thursday for the Friday course commencement but it’s a good idea to arrive early to acclimatise and stay on afterwards to let your new sense of well-being and awareness take root before returning to the fray!

The pictures below are from the Hesperia’s own publicity (Hotel Garden has matures since then) but the Complete package can only be booked through EcoLifeWalks and our hotel rates my be better than those you book directly.