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Therapies & Massages in the Country House Retreat

Casa El Morro offer a selection of therapies, held in a yurt in the grounds. This is their own descriptive text

Thai massage: A profound massage that helps to re-establish a vital energy and rebalance our physical mental and emotional aspects.

Thai Massage with Pindas: Pindas are cotton bags filled with aromatic herbs and spices that are heated and placed on various parts of the body.  They help to reduce feelings of stress and are very relaxing.

Shiatsu: Japanese massage with curative and relaxing effects.

Craneo sacral therapy: Helping the correction of physical and mental imperfections.

Reflexology: Foot massage that rebalances and recharges your physical energy.

Lymphatic drainage: Helps the problem of liquid retencion . It channels the lymph that carries away all the toxins of the body.

Reiki: With the placing of the hands close to the body, a method that intends to transfer universal energy to the patient’s body. A therapy very much recommended for anxiety stress insomnia and depression.

Sotai: A Japanese therapy that intends to repositon a patients bones consequently relaxing muscles and returning the body to its natural state.

Chi Kung: A Chinese technique that favours the fresh energetic circulation through the energy points and meridians rebalancing and healing all the system.

Tao Massage: Oriental massage that works over the energy points and meridians with soft and strong movements.