2-day Non-Residential Introduction

//2-day Non-Residential Introduction
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If you are already planning to visit Lanzarote, or are already here, then you may wish to take part in the introduction to MoretoLifeNOW, (insights about how to make your life better!) as well as being taken by air-conditioned car to special places and eateries. This is particularly relevant if you are drawn to explore the dialogue contents, perhaps with a view to delving further at another time. It’s also great to be taken to special places which tourists rarely see, and not to have to worry about car hire or navigation. Prices, which reduce with group size, are on the brochure. The brochure button to the left is for the residential week package holiday 

Get the Brochure for the 2-day Non-residential Trips and Course
  • See very special places that tourists don’t get to
  • You are personally escorted by air conditioned car
  • Knowledgeable company; island guide
  • No need to worry about driving or navigation
  • Discover great cafes and restaurants, usually by sea or with fantastic view
  • Small group or possibly just you.
  • Stuart will help you make the most of your time
  • and provide personal life insights
  • The smaller the group, the more attention you get
  • Visits will depend on group preference and ambient conditions
  • Walking shoes or trainers will be ideal
  • Get insights into how life works
  • Use to beauty of nature to help you feel better
  • The overview will give you some practical pointers to improving your life
  • Option of continuing to the complete course
  • Note; there are complete residential packages and short breaks
  • two for one option on package deals

The 2-day 2-day Non residential course will start initially at either the Oceanside Spa Hotel (Puerto Calero) or the County House Yoga Retreat, (nearby at Uga) depending if there are others involved. When there is a week course running, then the 2-day Introduction course will be the first two days of the week, normally Friday and Saturday. You would then have the possibility of continuing with the whole week, (as a supplement) if you so desire and have time. If your 2 days does not overlap with a week course, we can make alternative arrangements. If you have questions please send to Stuart via the Ask a Question Page.

The MoretoLifeNOW introduction will involve a general discussion where the participants share their background and beliefs, before we look at the historical derivation of how we interact with life and a scientific update which proves unequivocally that we do interact with the universe via our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Alongside the trips we will also look at some video clips from a selection of best selling authors so you can get an impression of how their research and experience overlaps into common understanding of how life energy works that is still not communicated in conventional media! Within these 2 days we will not have time to go further into individual situations but will give pointers to the way forward; how to use your deliberate intent and emotional energy in order to have happen whatever you want, in your life!
The course fee includes the dialogues and transport but no food, admissions, or boat tickets, depending on the schedule.