Feel Better by Watching this Video

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Waves and the power of the ocean have a hypnotic effect. Just by taking a couple of minutes and focusing on this video, you will quieten your mind and stop the accumulation of pollution that excess thinking can bring about. Whenever we realise that our well-being is being affected by our mindfulness then we can do something about it. It’s only by exercising this awareness that we can do something about the problem. By clearing the mind and dwelling on a sense of beauty that there is inherent in nature, a different state of being emerges, where we are conscious of all things in our centre, rather than just being a clearing house for recurring mind and memory activity that obscures the jewels available to us in our natural inspiration.
Click on the Cog Icon, when hovering mouse at bottom right of frame, to render the video in higher quality

You can use the process of increasing consciousness by clearing the mind to

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  • Increase well-being
  • Reduce worry
  • Become more happy
  • Attract abundance
  • Attain a sense of fulfillment
  • Attract new and better relationships

These waves were photographed in the Canary Islands, in Lanzarote and La Graciosa. If you like the idea of a holiday with personally guided tours to unspoiled places with insights into a happier life, then check out EcoLifeWalks, MoretoLifeNOW and Stuart Forster