Energy Challenges of the Mayan Calendar 9th Wave Advent

//Energy Challenges of the Mayan Calendar 9th Wave Advent
Is anyone else having extraordinary challenges?

It occurred to me that since, under the Mayan Calendar Model that fits my belief system, in cosmic timing we are practically at the 9th level, calculated to start on March 9th.

While this is the calculated change time, in all probability, there is an overlap whereby the new energies are already taking effect. They are predicted to multiply by 20 times, the quantum physics level that we live within. I reckon that as part of this evolution, the protective filters, that limit the effect of what our emotional energy actually brings about, are being removed, so we now get the full impact of what we are attracting, whether we are aware of it or not!

With Lynne away, I’ve had some challenging times, coping with the general management , maintenance, of the place as well as running a challenging EcoLifeWalks week.! All that with copious plumbing and pool problems. The net result is that it has been hard to lift the emotional energy, in the face of being more away of the downsides and difficulties besetting me. Of course the old story approach would be to enter into a tirade of moaning and hard luck litanies, justifiably some may say, under the weight of challenges.

I do realise that the pressures and tiredness, have been part of the process of lowering my energy guard with the effect that a much greater downside of unrequired situations are presenting.

However, there is good news. If the energy channel, that allows us to manifest, is now hugely more powerful, then all I have to do is arrange my personal emotional vibration level to be akin to the solutions I want. It seems that all this has gone from walking your talk to flying your talk! So I’m off for a reorganizational meditation. (at this moment an email showed up in the corner of my screen, “The Insightful Heart”) just a co-incidence I suppose!. I’ll let you know whether I self destruct or rise above!

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