Cosmic Timing Press Weeks

//Cosmic Timing Press Weeks

The Timing of our Press Weeks would seem to be Incredibly Synchronistic

It had been my intention to start these press weeks a lot earlier. Having upgraded the format of what we do, I clearly wanted to attract media coverage as soon as possible, and for several months now I have had liaisons with press databases, and media contacts. I decided that the best route was to work with my Public Relations Associate, who was interested in the topic and would communicate our subtle business to her immediate contacts in key media. It so happened that two of my top targets, The Sunday Times and The Mail on Sunday, were the first publications to express interest in a press visit, through her!

Time, in its accelerated form, as we all now know, rolled on without fixed dates and then settled on March 24th. I decided to make 2 other press weeks just before that, for other media, so I could complete the whole process around the same time.
It was only subsequently that I realised that the timing which I thought had dragged on, had well and truly plumped itself bang on one of the most auspicious synchronicities, to my mind, possible!

In my studies of holistic material, see 2012 Page, the Mystery of the Mayan Calendar has always been a model of humanity/Earth/Universe that had tremendous insight and credibility. As a model of the Creation from Big Bang to present times, it checks out very well with other Ancient wisdom, Indigenous Peoples’ traditions. It also has the evidence of history to back up its predictions, as well described in Calleman’s book The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness and Gregg Braden’s Fractal Time.

What seems unequivocal in the Mayan Calendar model, is that life on Earth is represented by 9 levels of evolution called underworlds. These started around Big-Bang time around 16.4 BILLION years ago with the first level in the form of uni-cellular life. In a pattern of evolution discernable in other paradigms of the universe, (as above, so below) there is a sudden escalation of energy whereby a higher vibrational level of life emerges and runs in parallel to the prior one (eg Atomic Structure). These nine incremental levels of life eventually seeded more sophisticated forms of species including hominids, up to our present homo sapiens at the end of the 8th underworld. The ninth and final underworld of this model, by general consent of leading specialists as well as ancient wisdom and indigenous people, suggest that the ninth level is akin to a new level of human potential with a higher form of consciousness.

In Calleman’s model, which has stood the test of many predictions since he first wrote his book in 2004, the date given for the start of the 9th and crowning underworld is

9th March 2011
Our first Press week, amazingly, starts on March 10th 2011. Is this significant?
See March 9, 2011: Dawn of the Unity Wave

Each time a new underworld level is created, the fundamental quantum energy, at least of our planet, increases by a factor of 20, (a key numerology factor in the Calendar numerology). No-one can be certain of what this means although many of us who have studied and lived with awareness of consciousness for the last few years, have no doubt that there are massive changes going on, in the way we feel things. Changing climates, political systems, corporate structures are all part of the process but consciousness is of main interest to this article.

It is clear to me, and the basis of my courses, and of many others I know of, that we do create our own reality as a function of our belief system and our inner energies; thoughts/ feelings/ emotions. The Life Change Retreat and EcoLifeWalks courses have offered extensive background and scientific update on this matter, as some of you will know, by your involvement with me on visits, over the last 2 years.

That the calculated date for the subtle energy of the universe to increase twenty-fold, on March 10th is not exactly surprising, to those of us who have been sensitive to recent energies on the planet. Although March 10th is the calculated start date, some of us have been aware of massive changes in background energy and this has been escalating recently. How can we tell?

From here, this is my personal experience but everyone I know who is “aware”, has a similar story. It is now clear to those capable of feeling and experimenting with inner energy that the universe (or whatever word you care to use) does interact with our thoughts/feeling/emotions at a subtle energy level. If that subtle energy is now increasing hugely, then we can expect more pronounced outcomes from our energy relationship with the cosmic mirror (another name often used for the Source etc).

It is almost as though we had a regulator on our personal energy, that limited the effect of any emotion, to protect us from what we may accidentally create, especially in respect of negative emotion, which, for humans, is easy to dwell on and amplify. Now it seems that, increasingly, this protection is being removed, so whatever we create with our personal inner energy, good or bad, than we get it back in Spades, and rising!!!

If this is the case, and I challenge you check it out, or prove it otherwise, then there is a huge case for learning how to use the energy before we provide ourselves with even more limiting situations and adverse conditions than we already have. It doesn’t mater if you don’t believe it. This stuff works on belief systems so, simply put, what you believe will be the basis of what you get. The course will help you to revise your fundamental beliefs and start programming for everything you really want, (while enjoying a holiday in beautiful and inspirational surroundings).

So, as a supposedly rational human who has survived religion, business, venture capitalists, conspiracy, the travel industry, exchange rates, banks, health scares, relationships, Canarian inequalities, and more, if I am honest, I have to stand up and announce the fact that we are living in very momentous times. What is more I feel a humility, yet deep commitment, to sharing this information, in the face of what may still be for many, of an unbelievable nature.

I leave you with the assertion that it is a great time to discover how this energy works, how to make the most of your life with it and to protect yourself from inadvertently making your life more challenging than it already is.

So is the date of the first Press Launch Synchronistic? Incredibly! So why wait. Come and join us. There are a couple of big discounted places for ordinary mortals on the press weeks starting March 10th and 17th. Come and suspend your disbelief. Contact Stuart