Conspiracy Theory? You Betcha!

//Conspiracy Theory? You Betcha!
Conspiracy Theory? You Betcha!

In my earlier days I used to think that people who talked about conspiracies and cover-ups were just paranoid, but now, after much research and discovery into life, from my desert island retreat, I have no such illusions!

Even if you disregard pre-history accounts of Atlantis, where nature was abused and people enslaved, you have to agree this is still the status quo for 99% of world humans.


Within our own recorded history, it is now clear that organised religion, 1700 years ago, politically suppressed the truths about human potential, with the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, the murder of Hypatia and the biblical edits of the Council of Nicaea, all around the same time. On top of that, the Roman Invasion of Europe and the Middle East actively built over on all the Pagan and Goddess based sacred sites. The advent of the Roman Church gave religion a political and military might, on top of their self assumed monopoly and filtering and enforcement of truth.

Thank goodness Henry VIII was so concerned about his love life, and his heir, that he dared  declare England free of papal control. Luckier still, despite all his “efforts” for a male heir, he had a plucky daughter called Elizabeth, who saw off a Spanish invasion, helped by a bit of British inclement weather! (It’s not generally known but it is well documented by Peter Dawkins), that Queen Elizabeth I was the mother of Francis Bacon,  the mind behind the Shakespeare works and visionary of a new world, taken up by the pilgrim fathers). I wonder if he foresaw George Bush? It is argued by some, including my old friend Joseph Jochmans, that Nostradamus foresaw the Twin Towers destruction.

Coming up to date, you may have suspected that some sort of Cabal was behind the Kennedy assassinations, with the suspicious cover-up. Again you may have wondered what kind of a system in the US voted in a president like George Dubbya Bush for one, let alone two terms, despite a dubious stand-off in Florida.

Like the Kennedy assassination, we all remember where we were on September 11, 2001 when the world was stunned by aircraft crashing into the World Trade Centre. I remember hearing how one of my Holistic Holiday clients had rescued some people from the building. We were so stunned, at the time, that we immediately disclaimed the tidy accuracy of the two building collapsing exactly into their base area, plus the building next door, with office of anti corruption research organisation suffering the same fate, without even being hit. I guess we have all subsequently had recourse to accounts of skull-duggery and suspicious circumstances. But there was a full scale enquiry and they did not substantiate any of these theories. This is like having the murderer investigate the crime.

What are we talking about here?

Just so we are clear..

There is an association of “people” who in this instance

  • Planned a dastardly deceptive treasonable inhumane act involving
  • crashing civil airlines into populated buildings
  • involving the co-operation of government, military and security in the deception
  • Causing the burning and falls to their death of  three thousand people, let alone loss of property
  • denied any wrong doing and delayed an investigation
  • which eventually failed to come up with any believable results despite the staggering evidence
  • and no doubt many more points
So that the outcome could be
  • That George Bush could, without delay, blame Bin Laden (known to the Bush family)
  • Raise a fear of Terrorism in the US, blaming Al Queda (who supposedly plotted all this complexity from a cave)
  • That extraordinary security powers could be invoked
  • MOvement of forces to saudi Arabia
  • A war with Saddam Hussein (ex CIA associate) since he would not play ball
  • and in Afghanistan
  • Profits to the corporate military suppliers
  • taking minds off  the US’s  big problems at home
  • again, much more…
If they will do that with impunity, then there is nothing they would not contemplate. This makes the LIBOR scandal pale by comparison, but we are talking the same magnitude and the same controlling 1%.
What this is all building up to, is the most compelling set of evidence about 9/11 that I have ever seen, by Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.  Its a two hour presentation, only because of the staggering amount of irrefutable evidence from eye witness accounts and independent professional investigating the case. I urge you to watch it and cannot believe the most dubious will not be moved to face the facts. It behoves all of us who believe in this monstrous crime and blatant cover up to share the facts and register our support for those who are working to bring about a new enquiry. (this is especially relevant since 2012 is a time when the activities of the Cabal/ Illuminati are being investigated and disclosed)

Further Corroboration for 9/11 Conspiracy from a CIA asset who has been released and now self publishing her book with full documentary evidence.

Once we realise the truth of what has been done here, we realise that this is not the first and that world governments are being directed by shadowy figures, at the expense of 99% of the world.  This year 2012 is long predicted by Ancient Wisdom and indigenous peoples from around the world as a time of Revelation (from the Greek “Apocalypse”) The Mayan calendar is not the end of the world but the end of a massive time period, prior to a new world and humanity based on consciousness of light and truth, (call it what you like).

We can be forever grateful to those who died in this horrible atrocity if the rest of the world press for full sharing, disclosure and prosecution of the perpetrators. This in itself will make most of the world wake up to the realities we have living in, working to pay off illegal debt while believing our civilisation is the most advanced. Yes we have rapidly emerging technologies (predicted by the mayan Calendar to start so suddenly in 1760 with the Industrial Revolution and the first HTML transmission on 25 December 1990). Earlier civilisations were much more advanced in peaceful prosperous living in harmony with nature. The Egyptians, for one had a period of a thousand years without war and their knowledge of astonomy and healing was far in advance of our current knowledge. Many wall friezes describe the secrets of the human psyche and the wonderful rewards available by learning to balance our mind and emotions through awareness and consciousness.

A great reference for this is The Pyramid Code which is also available as a movie and on Lovefilm and Netflix.

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