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Film Location Services Lanzarote

Are you considering filming in Lanzarote, Canary Islands,
and need help with Venues, Locations, Facilities and Services?

I’m Stuart Forster, a Brit who has lived on Lanzarote for 15 years and knows it, and the adjacent island of La Graciosa, very well. My business experience is also very broad.

My regular business, is as a personal guide and life change coach, but in the course of that I cover many splendid locations of waves, volcanoes, clifftop walks, wildlife. There is a range of interesting architecture and of course cafes, tapas bars and restaurants.

I have thousands of landscape and seascape pictures of Lanzarote and other islands, see some below.

My rates are reasonable and I am flexible.

If you think I can help you, please contact me directly

Stuart Forster
Tel […]

What in the World is going on?

Update as at 11:11 2014
See posts from my forthcoming book “Would You Believe It?!”

We have come to a tipping point where by a combination of happenings have evolved to the point that momentous changes are about to happen, literally any day. I have been researching this for over 2 decades and thought I would never see the day when so much promises to be evolving. Here are some bullet points. More details are available on the EcoLifeWalks trips, according to your interest level!

Our DNA has been updating ever since 21/12/2012. It didn’t feel any different except that, like in between a computer operating system update, the old one isn’t working and you need a total reboot to get the new one to start up. We’re still in limbo before the reboot!

The secrets of the government deceptions have started to become evident and less people are labelling those who are […]

Arresting Arrecife; the boats of San Gines & Shopping

Arrecife, the capital of Lanzarote is overlooked as a tourist attraction (luckily) and has a lot of local charm. The San Gines area is not far from the church square and the main car-free Lanzarote shopping mall. Click on any picture for a larger version.


Rhino Car Hire


Mention that you saw Rhino on this site and they will give you preferential terms.


British Airways flights return to Lanzarote






From 31st March 2013 British Airways will operate two flights per week from London Gatwick to Lanzarote, using  Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

Flights will currently operate Thursdays and Sundays, departing Gatwick 13:00, landing  in Lanzarote at 17:15. The return flight departs Arrecife 18:00 getting back into London at 22:00.

Why BA?

Fly with British Airways and enjoy award-winning service, excellent value for money and no hidden charges:

  • Free seats selection 24hrs in advance
  • Inclusive 23kg checked baggage allowance*
  • Airport, online or mobile check-in
  • Free onboard food and bar service

Check Out Flights on Skyscanner

Mayan Calendar Update


If you read the earlier blog about “What Happens at the End of the Mayan Calendar” you may be wondering what is going on since all the hyperbola about end dates has died down, to some extent?

There was a big debate about whether the numeric calculation of the literal Mayan Calendar, ending of October 28th 2011, meant that instant world change would be experienced. Obviously the changes around us continue. We can hardly not notice the unusual weather, planetary upheavals. We are beginning to see more transparency in the financial systems. There is a gradual increase in the media featuring cases of massive improprieties although there is still much more evidence of Cabal and Illuminati type crimes on the new media, as opposed to the mainstream.

There have been some powerful astronomic occurrences and many of us whose business […]

Conspiracy Theory? You Betcha!

Conspiracy Theory? You Betcha!

In my earlier days I used to think that people who talked about conspiracies and cover-ups were just paranoid, but now, after much research and discovery into life, from my desert island retreat, I have no such illusions!

Even if you disregard pre-history accounts of Atlantis, where nature was abused and people enslaved, you have to agree this is still the status quo for 99% of world humans.


Within our own recorded history, it is now clear that organised religion, 1700 years ago, politically suppressed the truths about human potential, with the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria, the murder of Hypatia and the biblical edits of the Council of Nicaea, all around the same time. On top of that, the Roman Invasion of Europe and the Middle East actively built over on all the Pagan and […]

Happiness is not about

Happiness is not about getting what we want. It’s about appreciating what we have!

See below for suggested explanation

Happiness is not about getting what we want. It’s about appreciating what we have

Don’t get the wrong idea. There is nothing wrong with getting want you want, in fact life is supposed to be a continuing series of chapters wherein we do get what we want, forever updating our requirements.

It’s just that, as a way of getting what we want, focussing on what we haven’t got doesn’t work. The manifestation process is based on how we use our emotional energy in concert with a particular wish. To have that wish come about, we need to emulate the feeling of how we would feel when that wish comes true. Admittedly it’s not something we have been familiar with doing and […]

If You see Tom Hanks

If you saw Tom Hanks’s movie Castaway you wmay remember his friend “Wilson”

This was reminiscent of Wilson which I photographed during one of my EcoLifeWalks!

Only one person can control your happiness. YOU!

Only one person can control your happiness. YOU

Happiness is the way


Happiness is not…



Happiness is not

The Ultimate Spa Holiday!

The notion of a Health Spa or a Spa Resort has long been associated with relaxation, rejuvenation, well-being and, these days, there are plenty of retreats to choose from. If you are reading this because you are looking at spa holidays, then this page will interest you. Stuart Forster, founder of EcoLifeWalks programme has set up in partnership with the Lanzarote Hesperia 5 star Spa Resort, extending the spa holiday concept to produce the Ultimate Spa Holiday!

A Spiritual Retreat Spa, when linked to the programme of EcoLifeWalks

Quieten the Mind

If you have an immediate need for a wellness spa, then the chances are you do not want to wait and may be looking for last minute spa availabilities. The internet is full of […]

Tourism: The Return of the Eco Holiday

In my own evolution, and that of operating holistic holidays, I continue to be fascinated by situations, in the mainstream media, that confirm my decision to set up of EcolifeWalks, an entity that helps people to enhance their lives via week’s Eco Holiday in a biosphere with walks and talks to inspirational places.

Podcasts to Ipod to Iphone
One such occasion was this morning, when having awoken too early to get up, I reverted to listening to a Podcast. (For those who don’t know Podcasts, they are like downloadable radio and TV programmes that anyone can make and receive. They are free and work most easily on smartphones and tablets.

The Secret Power of Emotions
People are now discovering how subtle energy works. In simple terms whatever energy you put into a situation is a function of what comes around […]

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