Aggravated Trespass

Is Aggravated Trespass another phrase for Drilling for Oil in an Arctic Biosphere

Greenpeace UK        ✔ @GreenpeaceUK  The 6 #iceclimb-ers arrested “on suspicion of aggravated trespass” We’ll keep you updated. Pls send msgs of support”
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Greenpeace Climbers on tehLondon Shard Protest against Shell Oild

Well, it’s to be expected, I suppose, You can’t just have members of the public scaling buildings. They may fall off and hurt someone! Of course, the bigger perspective is not about being technically against the law. The people against whom this protest is against, are  fundamentally allied to the law making politicians, funded and controlled by the corporatocracy who harvest the kingdoms of the earth, for their own elite purposes.

Like the other whistle-blowers in the news, citizens are forced to choose between breaking dubious laws in the […]

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