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Having run yoga holidays in Lanzarote for over a decade I have devised a format which is Beyond Yoga Holidays

Beyond Yoga Holidays

Beyond Yoga Holidays

Beyond Yoga Holidays




Original Feature in the Beano comic

Yoga was viewed by the mainstream as an eastern practice and held in suspicion by some sectors including the Church who were often unwilling to rent church halls to yoga groups.  One of our press releases, though a joke, above, about our former Holistic Holidays in Lanzarote, in the Beano, did reflect the essence of yoga as a feat of contortionism that the uninitiated should be wary of. Most people were not brought up in the presence of yoga, so its practice and benefits were not usually part of our culture and belief system. By the way, I’m Stuart Forster and I operate EcoLifeWalks in Lanzarote

De Rigueur Yoga

Within the decade yoga became one of the de rigueur ways of addressing fitness and obtaining relief from stressful life styles. Popular with women, the yoga holiday became an increasingly popular trip, as much as spa holiday, health farm or singles holiday for those who needed to revitalise within their holiday. Note that those terms were part of an awareness of what was the thing to do and place to go. Applying the fix was thought to be the way forward. The busy executives who regularly attended their huge classes in health Clubs, saw it as THE way to make a gesture into overcoming tension and increasing flexibility. How would you know what else to do.  Church, School, Family, may not have told you and mainstream media certainly would not!

What is Yoga really about?

In essence it is about “connection” and was evolved in India as a practice for improving meditation. These word themselves have deeper connotations into spirituality, and from that perspective, sometimes leading to the quest for discovering who we really are and enabling a fulfilment of our life’s mission. For most people, the greatest benefit is a sense of deep relaxation and the chance to quieten the mind, if only for a short while!

More than Yoga?

Having discovered there is a place within that feels quiet, cosy, sublime, wise, powerful, (all those nice words), the trick is in realising that the agreeable feeling you access is your major companion, in the quest to find your way home. I mean by that, to find out who you really are inside. This is not the same as your CV, your job, your concerns, your memories or your default belief system. Having discovered the window into a feeling world of real truth, the quest becomes how to find the door.  Yoga is great for bringing us to a place of quietness and awareness of the body where we can energise and release. However if, once we leave the mat, we’re into “where did you eat last night” or “did you see the X-Factor” then we are back in the illusory world. Of course this has its place too, but not to have thought based concerns dominate our life. Being able to get into a state of awareness, whereby be can notice where our attention goes, is a major priority, if you want to become more of yourself!  Complementary to this process, it is helpful to avail yourself of therapies that can assist letting go of emotional discomfort caused by unwittingly retaining the energy of negative situations. These old templates really do affect what we become, since, behind the scenes, without our realising, they are accessing the Law of Attraction and asking for stuff you certainly don’t want. We look into all this at EcoLifeWalks in Lanzarote

What’s Happening to Consciousness?

The mainstream media does not tell you, there is a universal movement for the increase in human consciousness, particularly since the Mayan Calendar alignment date of 21st December 2012. Although the process is gradual and subtle, the quantum energy of the universe is changing and making is possible to find higher states of consciousness, and in turn increased happiness, fulfilment, abundance and whatever. Even if you didn’t know this, your heart may tell you that this is true. In any event, proving it to yourself is all that matters, since the upside benefits are hugely greater than the fruits of economic focus.

How do you get this consciousness?

A lot of us thought that on the stroke of 11:11 on Dec 21st 2012 there would be an immediate magical transformation, and for all the subtle energy flow was turned on, there was not a popular noticeable shift. There does have to be a deliberate intention to tune into this new sensation, that is increasingly felt within. You do have to find a place where the mind can be quietened and awareness of the feelings can be found. This may not always be comfortable since some of the feelings we have been holding may be painful, but it is advantageous  to become aware of these discomforts as they are the key energy that influences the outcome of your life. Allowing unwanted feelings to release is an essential part of the journey into higher consciousness..

Being in Nature helps hugely

You can do more than just attend your local weekly yoga class. My life has proved that spending time away from urban life and the economic / social struggle can help to see a truer working of the life process. Many people choose holidays in beautiful surroundings, knowing that this makes them feel better. Deliberately getting into ways that help you to feel better, sustainably, is the simple basic secret to finding higher consciousness. The backdrop of unspoiled beauty gives you a datum surround of joy, if you are able become aware of it, and appreciate!

A Holiday Retreat is also essential

Yes, it may sound self-serving, but I only do this to help others share the discoveries I have found. It’s a mission more than a business! To make headway into your new life, you will find it helpful (and delightful) to free yourself from the usual distractions, stresses and temptations. This is most easily done by removing yourself , rather than asking the world to cease and desist. The sun is good for us, as well as being desirable. A beautiful natural setting is enjoyable as well as being supportive!

It’s a great time to start

If you have got this far, the subject will not be totally alien to you.  However, if you are unwittingly holding a belief system that is not totally true or complete, then there is a chance that the ego mind will judge these insights as being false!. The irony is that whatever belief you hold will affect your life’s outcome, whether you believe it or not! Negative emotional energy works in the same way as positive, so it’s worth being open minded, so as to allow yourself the chance to benefit.  Do be aware that the change in universal energy that is about to amplify even more very soon, will augment your life direction, into health, happiness and fulfilment, or increased negativity, illness and ultimately a parting of the ways! There surely cannot be anything more important or exciting to change your life, and your world, with a following wind that will make it increasingly easier.

Why Hasn’t this been publicised

It has, but not by mainstream media, controlled by corporatocracy or the many other names that have forced their own agendas on the world for the benefit of their few. We won’t dwell on this, although the truth on this is also being revealed (By the way Apocalypse is derived from the Greek work meaning “revelation” and defined by Wikipedia as “ is a disclosure of knowledge, hidden from humanity in an era dominated by falsehood and misconception,”

So how is EcoLifeWalks essentially Different?

If any of this resonates with you may like to find out more. Start at the overview page of the EcoLifeWalks site. There is a lot of information but the essential benefits are

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