Aggravated Trespass

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Is Aggravated Trespass another phrase for Drilling for Oil in an Arctic Biosphere

Greenpeace UK        ✔ @GreenpeaceUK  The 6 #iceclimb-ers arrested “on suspicion of aggravated trespass” We’ll keep you updated. Pls send msgs of support”
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Greenpeace Climbers on tehLondon Shard Protest against Shell Oild

Well, it’s to be expected, I suppose, You can’t just have members of the public scaling buildings. They may fall off and hurt someone! Of course, the bigger perspective is not about being technically against the law. The people against whom this protest is against, are  fundamentally allied to the law making politicians, funded and controlled by the corporatocracy who harvest the kingdoms of the earth, for their own elite purposes.

Like the other whistle-blowers in the news, citizens are forced to choose between breaking dubious laws in the process of the common good. They do this because the common good is not being upheld by those entrusted to do so,  because the system is skewed by elite manipulation. I’m not going to define this, There are thousands of references in the non-mainstream public domain.

Honest dutiful citizens, who have worked for decades within a system that is not dedicated to their well-being, cannot believe that a government would tolerate a situation that basically works against most of us. When there is collusion, inherited by history, between government, the media, bankers, and other state officials, there is a clamp down on anyone who tries to throw light on inequities or downright criminal injustice. Most whistle-blower channels do not allow the protest to emerge. It is only when individuals of outstanding bravery and commitment take a stand against the controls, and at risk to their lives, let alone freedom , then any of this will come to light. The system in the US is so dire that there is a law which takes away an individual’s 1st amendment rights, within a constitution that prides itself on freedom of speech.

Luckily there is something working within us at genetic level that begins to remind us who we really are and that we are living in times of momentous change, not seen anywhere in the universe!

So if you ever get to the stage that you are so incensed about the likelihood of damaging the ecosystem of a whole continent for an outdated mode of energy, benefitting an elite few, you may know that you are prepared to risk all, to help draw attention, lets hope that scaling a vertical glass building is not in your karma!!

What would the degree of Aggravation be to a pristine continent invaded by polluting Oil Drillers?

Recommended sentence. Try to help someone by climbing a scarily tall building. Sentence suspended!