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More than just a Holiday

EcoLifeWalks is not just an escape to the sun for a change of scene. It’s a delightful tour to places of outstanding beauty with the opportunity to make lasting changes to the outcome of life, in the way you would like it to be

A Turning Point in your Life

Coming on this holiday is your decision to take action on what is missing in your life and why you feel unhappy or unfulfilled. Thus it’s the perfect excuse for a holiday where the profound benefits endure beyond your sun tan! Making the choice to move forward while enjoying an uplifting and fun holiday is something you will not regret.




I drive you on enjoyable uplifting tours to awesome places while respecting your preferences and activity level. It’s one-to-one, so it’s all about, and for, you.


Decide when you want to come having looked into Flights to Lanzarote and Accommodation, as, for your flexibility, they are not included. Include them in your Booking Enquiry.

Flights to Lanzarote

There are many direct Flights to Lanzarote from UK, Eire and Europe. If you are coming from further afield you will probably have a transfer in the UK or Spain. It’s then usually a short taxi drive  from the airport to your destination.


The accommodation page suggests options of more local flavour, such as offered by AirBNB. It’s popular with guests since they are installed in a typical local community or more into the wilder landscape, while nothing ever too far away.
We also work with a Spa Hotel, with clifftop walks, near a Marina. Some prefer the Country House with inbuilt yoga or an Eco-Cottage!

How Long?

The Packages are for 1, 3 or 5 days although other durations and group activities can be arranged. Most people come for a week and we can decide which days of your visit we allocate to a package.


I meet with you on the night of your arrival, by arrangement, to discuss options and preferences for your time. I collect you each morning, at a time to suit, from your accommodation and return you each day of the package.

To Your Level

The time is customised in respect of how active you want to be and to what depth of insights or processes you are comfortable with. It’s all very gentle and you can decide, as you go, what you feel like! Levels are here.


“One to One” and “Two for One”
If you’re travelling alone, the escape is ideal as you have guidance and companionship. Should you prefer to come with a partner or kindred friend then apply for one of the “Two-for-One” vouchers on the Booking Enquiry Form.

Restaurants Tapas & Cafes

Meals are not included in price so we can go for whatever you fancy, typically with Cups, Sips and Bites at a Restaurant or Cafe with a knock-out vista location. The local wines have an interesting secret and wine tasting is on the list of choices

Booking & Payment

When you want to book, Prices are here and Payment is made in full on the Payment Page by credit card or Paypal. Then Complete the Booking Form, confirming payment and I will confirm all details back to you promptly.

Any Questions?

I am available for questions and for a skype chat, by arrangement (Skype “stuartforster” )

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