sfpicWelcome. I’m Stuart ForsterI operate EcoLifeWalks.

I’m passionate about sharing the natural beauty of the Lanzarote and La Graciosa biospheres while helping people realise the essential truths of life and how we can make changes that will result in greater happiness, abundance, health, creativity, and much more!


This is a great opportunity to learn the secrets of enhancing the outcome of your life while spending a relaxing enjoyable holiday, being guided to places of outstanding natural beauty!


  • it’s a 3 or 5-day package in Lanzarote not incl flights or hotel
  • you can choose from the list of activities and life insight options.
  • decide what you do when you arrive, after an initial chat
  • some items might appeal more, once you’re here
  • inspired by the beauty of the place you may see things anew?
  • mix and combine different levels of content, depending how you feel
  • the greatest value is in the life insights with big lasting benefit

The Mix and Depth of Optional Items for your choice. Its up to you!

A) Outstanding Places and Fun things to do

B) Discussions on How we can become more Happy and Fulfilled

C) And we can put it into practice to bring about what we want

Suggestion, watch it in HD and full screen! Enjoy