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I’m Stuart Forster and it is my mission to show you inspirational places in a Canary Islands Desert Island Escape and share secrets of how to make your life happier and more fulfilling!

EcoLifeWalks, is a mentored programme of biosphere island experiences, in Lanzarote, for the selected time duration of 1, 3 or 5 days.



As we go, helped by the beauty of the biosphere, we optionally examine life enhancing insights that relate to your situation.

Come join me, and learn how to be lastingly happier!


I will guide you to exceptional locations on the desert islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, while being responsive to your preferences and degree of activity.I’ll show you how to connect to one of the most beautiful biospheres on the planet. The volcanic Earth energy is very powerful in helping awaken your senses and is supportive to the rejuvenation process.


We combine our walks with activities of your choice, such as desert island cycling and eco attractions. It’s a great preparation to discovering your inbuilt personal guidance system. We share stories at beach coffee stops , ending the day with a meal at a restaurant vista, with local wine that has a unique secret!


The trips and tours are phenomenally popular but most guests find that the life-enhancing insights offer the most value and benefit.  If you are new to this kind of material, it could be that, looking down the Insights list, you may not immediately realise how these insights can change your life, for ever! 

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Some Words From Our Clients

“If you are looking for a complete mind, body, soul experience in Lanzarote then contact Stuart Forster. I really enjoyed the tailor-made experience and visits to places that only someone with an in depth knowledge and years of living there could provide.”

Shelley J Whitehead, APCTC Life Coach Of The Year

“He mixes things in a nice, very relaxed way and takes you gently into different areas that you didn’t think you would have dreamed of understanding. I am very grateful for what Stuart has given me and I would recommend this to anyone that wanted to try and come to a more relaxed, expanded way of seeing the world.”

Michael Toppin, Film Producer

What a fascinating week. I have to admit not knowing what I was in for, but somehow it felt right to go for the Ecolifewalks week. In fact on that alone I’m delighted how my intuition was correct. This course was just what I needed, and the holiday with its great locations and fantastic eating places was even a bonus. Thank you Stuart. Carry on the good work! RS, Woking

RS, Woking

Thanks Stuart, that was a great week. I feel so different and buoyant. My sense of expectancy of good things is alive and well for the first time. I get up each morning feeling excited about my life. My friends can’t understand it! You will probably see one of them soon. She is thinking of coming!

AC, Edinburgh


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General Chat about Life

Selection of Experiences and Insights

Experiences, Insights & Optional Processes


some unusual things that you probably wont be able to do elsewhere 

Come and join me, and feel good!

I’m here to help and answer your questions
about enjoying the programme and
connecting with the beauty of the biosphere
in the processes of
rejuvenating mind, body and spirit.


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