Uplifting and inspirational holiday packages in Lanzarote with Stuart Forstercombining your choice of personal guidance
to awesome places
with activities and  powerful life-changing insights! We help you find special accommodation and flights


What we’ll doI’m not only going to show you the desert island, I’m going to help you connect with one of the most beautiful biospheres on the planet. We’ll slow down, awaken our senses, switch off the phone, and restore the relationships between ourselves and Mother Earth.


This is a great preparation for the powerful “Healing of Belief, one of the inclusive Life Insights and an introduction to your failsafe, inbuilt personal guidance system. We can share stories then end with a meal at a restaurant vista, with local wine that has a unique secret!


After walks on beaches, a meditation in a volcano and much more of your choice, you’ll have a lasting connection with the Canarian biosphere, but moreover a practice for a sustainably improving life outcome, invariably leading to greater happiness and fulfillment.

There are changes happening on the planet right now that make involving in this content particularly timely and rewarding!

Why choose EcoLifeWalks?

  • Ideal if you are travelling alone (but 2 for 1 offer!)
  • particularly if your life feels stuck and you want to move on
  • Choice of One, Three or 5 days
  • with total flexibility of places activities and themes
  • You are totally taken care of, chauffeured and guided
  • discover amazing places that tourists don’t see
  • also wildlife, eco attractions, restaurants and coffee vistas
much more than just a holiday….click and see!