A holiday on your own that you can justify for the life enhancing insights programme into happiness and fulfilment. One to one guidance to amazing places and activities in a desert island biosphere, off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands.  
Choice of Accommodation. Easy flight connections

Great Reasons to Come

  • Discover places the public rarely see
  • totally customised, your preference
  • One-to-one, all about you
  • Packed with Life Changing insights
  • Therapies and Processes
  • Your own personal mentor
  • Benefits lasting longer than your tan!
  • Activities for all fitness levels
  • Sort out your life. It’s worth it!
  • Learn about exciting world changes
  • Good Flight Connections
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Lanzarote Biosphere

  • Cycle on a Pristine Desert Island (Boat Trip)
  • Beaches of all colours
  • The Secret black beach
  • Cliff Top Vistas
  • The Lava Lake
  • Stunning Oceanside Restaurants
  • Lava Tunnel Botanic Garden
  • One of the World’s Best Café Vistas
  • Photo Gallery of Places

Unusual Options

  • Yoga floating on Surf Paddle
  • Tasting wine watered by nature
  • Take Part in a Music Jam Session
  • Meditate in a Volcano
  • Have a surf lesson
  • Eco Attractions
  • Eco Accommodation Advice
  • 2 for 1 offer
  • Help with a Business Plan
  • Photography Guidance
  • Driving and Navigation taken care of

Customised for you

  • Activities and Places, Your Choice
  • for your fitness level
  • Yoga and/or Therapies if required
  • 3 or 5 day Packages
  • Start and finish times to suit
  • Healing of Belief System
  • Some who will listen to you
  • Menus and Food Preferences
  • Discovering your Heart’s Desire

Life Changing!

  • Remove blockages to success
  • Decide on the Life You Want
  • And how to Make it Happen
  • Healing Power of Pristine Nature
  • Discover Secrets of Human Potential
  • Set Goals for your Happiness
  • Become who you really are!

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Although I had previously learnt in various books many of the techniques used in this 5 days course, Stuart helped me to actually put them into practice and to dive into my feelings and memories, so that I could practically apply them, and become generally more “aware” as he likes to name it.
Thanks to his diverse background in both personal and business life and his knowledge in holistic approaches, added to his kindness and soft approach (and British humour) this guy is able to guide you gently closer to your inner self and help you uncover what needs to be healed or improved.
The blend of these teachings and of inspiring moments in wild and unspoilt places makes the whole experience very unique and memorable, not to mention the other nice times discussing about life or other interesting topics while eating a nice meal or tasting a local wine. I really recommend this course to anyone who would like to take further steps in his personal development and life.

S Gorgerat; Swiss Banker

What are Spiritual Escapes/ Spiritual Retreat Holidays?

A spiritual retreat is a necessary and uplifting gift to yourself, to allow space, to take time out, to get in touch within and make life enhancing changes. It is much more than a holiday. There are specialised supportive attributes to make the most of your time and extend guidance and uplifting insights. It is important to break our schedule of urban and commercial practices in order to mend the stress which these systems place upon us. More than that, it is vital to take stock and examine what is going on beyond the dominance of the mental activity which is rarely a true reflection of what we are essentially, in our “authentic or higher selves”. The benefits that can accrue from your spiritual retreat are priceless, in that you can discover new ways of conducting your life that embody greater degrees of happiness and fulfilment. This, of course, has an automatic improvement on health, abundance, creativity and the rest. Stuart Forster has facilitated happy spiritual retreats on Lanzarote since 1999.”

What is an EcoLifeWalks Holiday?

It’s a one-to-one retreat holiday, a holistic holiday, an escape, a vacation, a short stay, a two-for-one holiday, which can also be described by yoga , well-being, health farm, walking , cycling , singles , beach , transformation holiday, consciousness holiday, exploring fifth dimension consciousness holiday, awareness holiday, fun , wine tasting , therapy , fun, laughter , breakthrough , horse riding, tennis, sailing, adventure, fitness, healing nature , Gaia , meditation , café visiting , scenic restaurant visiting and much more, all choices, for your own agenda rolled into one, in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands