One-to-one customised guided tours on Lanzarote in the Canary Islands

Custom holiday packages combining tours to inspirational places, choice of activities and life-enhancing spiritual insights, with Stuart Forster. Come for a dedicated week on a 5-day package. (We can help you with flights and special accommodation which are not included in the price.) If you are coming to Lanzarote already, you may like to come on the 1 or 3-day option. There is a Two-for-one offer


Set in the Biospheres of Lanzarote and La Graciosa in the Canary Islands, you will discover amazing places that tourists rarely see!


Discover how to become aware of the reliable guidance system to your personal happiness, as we enjoy and connect with  the beautiful Biosphere, with refreshments at sensational vistas


We walk, cycle on a desert island, go places by car and can include many activities, for you to choose within a schedule to suit.

Packages to suit you:

You are driven to outstanding places and activities of your choice with an overview of the various insights and processes for taking stock of your life and making it the way you would really like!
As above but with greater focus on assessing your life and identifying the limiting reasons why it is not delivering in the way you would like. From there we take steps to change the emotional disposition which determines the outcome of your life. It really does work and has largely been kept a secret!
As above but moving into practical steps to help you design your new direction. This can include planning and implementing a business or project, getting into things musical, writing a book, and most intriguing, accessing awareness and higher consciousness

Why choose EcoLifeWalks?

  • Ideal if you are travelling alone (but 2 for 1 offer!)
  • particularly if your life feels stuck and you want to move on
  • Choose from a List of Holiday Themes
  • with total flexibility of places activities and themes
  • You are totally taken care of, chauffeured and guided
  • discover amazing places that tourists don’t see
  • also wildlife, eco attractions, restaurants and coffee vistas
much more than just a holiday….click and see!