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Testimonial: If you are looking for a complete mind, body, soul experience in Lanzarote then contact Stuart Forster at EcoLifeWalks.I really enjoyed the tailor-made experience and visits to places that only someone with an in depth knowledge and years of living there could provide. Imagine climbing up into the vortex of a volcano and meditating in the stillness, or cycling on a nearby island and visiting beautiful beaches that few will find? Coffee and lovely meals where to locals gather – an altogether wonderful time with the added benefit of deep conversation uncovering some beliefs and core wounds that changed as the awareness came to light. Stuart uses his years of knowledge to help create a new awareness that left me feeling balanced, relaxed and ready for life in London again. Thank you Stuart for a memorable, uplifting experience.
Testimonial: I had previously read about many of the techniques used in this 5 days course, but Stuart helped me to put them into practice and to explore my feelings and memories, so that I could practically apply them, and become generally more “aware”. Thanks to his diverse background in both personal and business life and his knowledge in holistic approaches, added to his kindness and soft approach (and British humour) this guy is able to gently guide you closer to your inner self and help you uncover what needs to be healed or improved. The blend of these teachings and of inspiring moments in wild and unspoilt places makes the whole experience very unique and memorable, not to mention the other nice times discussing about life or other interesting topics while eating a nice meal or tasting a local wine. I really recommend this course to anyone who would like to take further steps in their personal development and life.
S. Gorgerat. Computer Specialist, Private Swiss Bank

What are Spiritual Escapes/ Spiritual Retreat Holidays?’

A spiritual retreat is a necessary and uplifting gift to yourself, to allow space, to take time out, to get in touch within and make life enhancing changes. It is much more than a holiday. There are specialised supportive attributes to make the most of your time and extend guidance and uplifting insights. It is important to break our schedule of urban and commercial practices in order to mend the stress which these systems place upon us. More than that, it is vital to take stock and examine what is going on beyond the dominance of the mental activity which is rarely a true reflection of what we are essentially, in our “authentic or higher selves”. The benefits that can accrue from your spiritual retreat are priceless, in that you can discover new ways of conducting your life that embody greater degrees of happiness and fulfilment. This, of course, has an automatic improvement on health, abundance, creativity and the rest. Stuart Forster has facilitated happy spiritual retreats on Lanzarote since 1999.

There isn’t one name for this novel and life enhancing type of spiritual retreat holiday. EcoLifeWalks embodies so many descriptions of holidays yet is more than all the usual ones. Just to give you an idea, in the past people have come on these holidays by looking for the following. Check out the benefits

  • We go beyond life-coaching as a process of finding alternative avenues and focus attention on how to tune our inner energy disposition to manifest our aspirations and find a happy fulfilment.

  • spiritual singles are totally looked after on this spiritual retreat and entertained, driven to places, all customised into chosen schedule, with 40 hours mentoring / companionship during the 5 day course

  • Lanzarote Health Farm Holiday
  • No strict regimes! We promote well-being by a combination of activities, walks, therapies and eating to choice with the well-being provided by the Life Insights and monitoring of feeling system

  • Our accommodation options include a 5-star spa hotel in a quiet location, with all the usual therapies and facilities plus some specialist ones recommended by Stuart

  • A spiritual retreat is a necessary and uplifting gift to yourself, to allow space, to take time out, to get in touch within and make life enhancing changes. It is much more than a holiday.

  • . Walks are a major part of the EcolifeWalks offering, and selected according to your fitness. An appreciation of the secluded beauty spots is fundamental to the well-being process.

  • Stuart is a keen tennis player so you can make this the focus of your week or just include a game or two in in the list of options

  • come in 30 different colours, from black to near white and there are many that most tourists never seen. Beach walks are a central part of the programme

  • A mixture of life coaching, Belief healing, spiritual insights while driven to sensational nature vistas with a choice of activities. Easy Access, short notice, flexible dates, one to one, your own schedule.

  • A spiritual retreat to a sunny desert island to inspire and entertain via one-to-one programme of activitiestherapies and insights to your  schedule and designed for your greater happiness.

  • Wine Tasting in Lanzarote. The island produces excellent wines and a popular visit is to a Bodega where you can sample a selection, perhaps with slivers of local goat’s cheese.

  • The crowning glory of our week is to cycle on a desert island to one of the best beaches in the world. We rent great new bikes and navigate tracks to places of outstanding beauty.

  • At a beach that is always good for surfing, you can optionally have a lesson with one of the safest teachers, while enjoying invigorating waves beneath the cliffs of huge crescent bay with distant islands

  • Connecting with Mother Nature is also fundamental to the well-being being discover and you are offered a range of powerful meditation and energy movement techniques

  • Every day we select special hostelries, usually with splendid vistas and a range of fare to suit every taste and diet.

  • Thinking of coming? It’s a NO-BRAINER!

  • , in that you will have the opportunity, via the Life Insights, to make changes that empower your life towards happiness and fulfilment.

It’s a one-to-one retreat holiday, a holistic holiday, an escape, a vacation, a short stay, a two-for-one holiday, which can also be described by yoga , well-being, health farm, walking , cycling , singles , beach , transformation holiday, consciousness holiday, exploring fifth dimension consciousness holiday, awareness holiday, fun , wine tasting , therapy , fun, laughter , breakthrough , horse riding, tennis, sailing, adventure, fitness, healing nature , Gaia , meditation , café visiting , scenic restaurant visiting and much more, all choices, for your own agenda rolled into one, in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands


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